Data Domain Cloud Tier. The Right Choice for Long Term Retention

The Data Domain Family has been the number one choice when it comes to the Purpose Built Backup Appliance market. Data Domain provides best in class deduplication and scale for your data protection needs, including the ability to tier data to the cloud of your choice via Data Domain Cloud Tier. With Data Domain Cloud Tier you can send your data directly from the DD appliance to any of the validated and supported cloud object storage providers; public, private or hybrid for long-term retention needs.

Data Domain Cloud Tier (DD Cloud Tier) is a function of the Data Domain storage appliance itself. With DD Cloud Tier, Data Domain can natively tier deduplicated data to the cloud. No separate cloud gateway or virtual appliance is required. Data is sent directly from the Data Domain system to the cloud with seamless management through Data Domain Management Center where the data movement policy is managed.

Data Domain Cloud Tier can scale up to 2x the max capacity of the active tier, increasing the overall Data Domain system scalabilty by up to 3x. For example, the DD9800 scales up to 1PB of usable capacity on the active tier, therefore the cloud tier can support up to 2PB of usable capacity.  Factoring in Data Domain’s deduplication ratios, this results in up to 100PB of logical capacity being efficiently protected in the cloud and overall 150PB of logical capacity being managed by a single Data Domain system.

When it comes to offloading data into the cloud there are a ton of questions that come up with regards to security. Don’t worry, DD Cloud Tier supports DD Encryption to ensure data being sent to the cloud remains secure. Customers have the option to leverage DD Encryption to encrypt all data on the Data Domain system or encrypt just the data being stored in the cloud tier.

To help manage your data both on-prem and in the cloud Data Domain Management Center, DD MC, can provide key insights into your backup environment. DDMC provides health and capacity reporting as well as a full system view of your DD Cloud Tier. DDMC also gives you visibility into how your data is distributed over multiple clouds; available space, total capacity per provider and on-prem.

Data Domain Cloud Tier is a great complement to your Data Domain appliance. Data Domain Cloud Tier extends deduplication to the cloud of your choice while freeing up space on your local appliance. To learn more about Data Domain Cloud Tier check out our video. To see Data Domain Cloud Tier in action here is a quick demo. If you have further questions about what Data Domain Cloud Tier can do for you please speak with your sales representative.

About the Author: David Tye

David is a California native, born and raised in the Bay Area with a passion for technology. Upon graduating from a local university, David was hired on to the Dell Technologies Marketing team full-time. Over the past few years, David’s focus has been on a variety of data protection products and services. Outside of work, David enjoys spending time in the outdoors and watching sports.