Data Everywhere and Not an Insight to be Found

Dell Technologies Services helps your business thrive within the data storm, accelerating your journey to powerful data insights.

In today’s digital age, we are existing among a storm of data, treading water to stay afloat. Our devices are watching and listening to us constantly. With every scroll, every social share, every conversation, companies are constantly collecting data. But where does this storm surge of data go, and how is it used? With the rate of data continuously climbing, up to a rate of 35% annually, companies are faced with more data than they often know what to do with.¹ They want the value and crave the benefits, but achieving those can be overwhelming at best. As we transition from the era of digital transformation to the era of digital business, organizations recognize they must move quickly to remain competitive. Yet, it takes many organizations months to act on data insights, a lag that can leave a company far behind.²

We must process data and make it available in a timely, relevant and actionable way to enable faster, better business decisions. Digital resiliency prioritizes data-centric processes – improving data usage and enhancing efficiency of the data lifecycle. In fact, an estimated two thirds of organizations rank intelligent data management among their top five management priorities.¹ Companies know those who act on insights faster will gain a competitive edge.

Prevail Through the Hurricane that is Data

As data floods in from every angle, pelting down on top of companies that are likely already overtaxed, how will you modernize to meet data consumption needs? If you don’t feel like you have the technical skills in-house or your teams are already overextended and can’t dedicate time to these objectives, Dell Technologies Services can provide the lifeboat you desperately need. With guidance and assistance from our experts, you will gain value from data faster. We are the storm chasers who will evaluate what you need to do to stay ahead of the storm, accelerating your journey to achieving the powerful data insights your company needs to thrive. Leverage the power of our experts, backed by Dell Technologies’ extensive global network, to help you realize:

    • Increased server performance and flexibility to give you a single view of data on-premises and in the cloud through modernized workloads
    • A unified data analytics platform that scales to meet your business needs
    • Enhanced data governance and visibility, plus reduced cost and complexity

Using modern architecture, proven solutions and advanced techniques, we address needs across the lifecycle, helping you develop a strategy, implement new technologies, improve adoption and scale to the needs of your organization. We help you break through the storm of data, eliminating data silos that create extra cost and security risks and enhancing data visibility, control and access to enable you to make faster, better data-driven decisions.

Learn From Those Who Weathered the Storm

Consider a recent engagement with one of Dell’s customers as an example. Working with a leading life insurance provider, we focused on optimizing their server environment. This company supports a custom application for analyzing and managing insurance portfolio investment options, which requires processing large volumes of data daily and storing billions of rows of data in the data warehouse. By reducing data warehouse load times and maximizing utilization of data storage assets, we helped the business achieve lowered projected storage cost by about $1 million per year and increased data throughput by over 100%.

Dell Technologies Services will set you on the path to unlocking data value quickly and efficiently, enabling you to create a more intelligent, competitive business. Interested in learning more about how your business can better leverage and gain advantage from data? Learn more about Consulting Services or contact a Dell Technologies expert.

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About the Author: Bethan Williams

Bethan Williams has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry and 10 years within the Dell Technologies family. Beth started her IT career as a software developer and then moved into consulting and leadership roles in order to realize her passion for helping teams embrace new ideas and approaches. Beth is experienced in transforming teams to use innovative and lean techniques such as Agile, DevOps and IaC approaches, building and scaling highly skilled and cohesive teams, strategy development, enablement and leading application transformation projects at enterprise scale. Prior to Dell, Beth has been a key contributor and leader in professional service organisations across the Dell Technologies family, including SpringSource, VMware, Pivotal, EMC and now Dell. Beth is currently Dell’s Global Portfolio Lead for Applications and Data consulting.