Decode the EMC Isilon HD400 Node

If you’re looking to archive several petabytes of data, you might want to consider the new EMC Isilon HD400 node. It’s the biggest of the current Isilon nodes in terms of size—you can store up to 354 TB of data on 59 hard drives using a 4U rack space.

To learn more about the external and internal components of the HD400 node, watch the video, Decode the Node: EMC Isilon HD400.

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HD400 and OneFS 7.2

The HD400 node was released with the Isilon OneFS operating system 7.2. The OneFS 7.2 release provides support for the following items required for the HD400:

  • New protection levels: New requested protection levels are available in OneFS 7.2 to account for the increased capacity of HD400 nodes. For example, the default protection level for node pools on the HD400 node is “3d:1n1d,” which means that data is protected in case 3 drives fail or if 1 node and 1 drive fail.
  • L3 cache: The HD400 node includes 800 GB of solid-state drive (SSD) storage, which is primarily used for L3 cache. This helps to reduce cache cycling times to improve system performance. For more information, see the L3 Cache Overview topic in the OneFS 7.2 Web Administration Guide or OneFS 7.2 CLI Administration Guide.
  • New drive layout: Disks in the HD400 are arranged in a grid orientation because the drives are inserted top-down into the node chassis. To view the new grid orientation in the OneFS 7.2 web administration interface, go to Dashboard > Cluster Status and click on the ID number. This will take you to the Node Status view, where you can scroll down to view the grid orientation.

    HD400 grid in the OneFS 7.2 web administration  interface.
    HD400 grid in the OneFS 7.2 web administration interface.

If you have questions about the HD400 node, join the Ask the Expert session on HD400 and OneFS 7.2 that continues through March 8, 2015 in the Isilon Community. Look through the discussion thread for useful information. Or post a question, and you’ll get answers from Isilon hardware and software experts, partners, and customers.

HD400 documentation

If you’re looking for an HD400 specification sheet, a hardware installation guide, or a HD400 field replacement unit (FRU) video, visit the HD400 Info Hub in the Isilon Community. This information hub is a curation destination for links to the latest and most relevant documentation for installing, maintaining, and servicing HD400 nodes.

The HD400 Info Hub on the Isilon Community
The HD400 Info Hub on the Isilon Community.

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