Dell and Goodwill Offer Free Recycling in Northwest Ohio

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Dell and Goodwill Industries of Northwestern Ohio launched the latest Reconnect program for northwestern Ohio today.  The program brings free computer recycling to any resident in northwestern Ohio for any brand of used computer equipment in any condition.  Consumers simply need to drop off the used computer at one of 14 Goodwill intake centers in the region.

Goodwill sorts and consolidates the equipment collected, and any proceeds earned through the recycling process support Goodwills job training mission.  Responsible recycling is managed by Dell to ensure good workplace and environmental practices.

Reconnect is an important part of Dell’s recycling commitment.  . Reconnect Northwest Ohio joins several other Reconnect programs in place across the U.S. including Central Texas, the State of Michigan and San Francisco.  A full list of participating locations is available at You can hear more about how the Reconnect program works in this video.

Dell provides free recycling to consumers around the globe for any Dell branded product at any time. isit for more informationCheck out my interview about this launch below, as always I welcome any questions, thank you.

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