Dell APEX: A Fit for All Organization Sizes

Why the Dell APEX portfolio of as-a-Service solutions helps accelerate the growth of organizations, no matter their type or size.

No organization starts out as an enterprise-sized business. From Uber to Nike, and even Dell Technologies itself, we all have proud legacies of small and lean teams taking big risks and driving big results. With the Dell APEX portfolio of multicloud and as-a-Service solutions now entering its third year, we want to ensure all organizations, no matter their size, know how they can benefit from the as-a-Service approach Dell APEX brings to technology to help all organizations unleash their innovation.

To do so, we worked with Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) to provide third-party validation of this reality. Through interviews with multiple customers, ranging from small startups to global enterprises, ESG analysts have shared a proof that explains which three of our Dell APEX offers are a fit for your business, no matter your size.

Let’s dive into each of these three offers and explore how real customers, like you, have benefited from them.

As-a-Service – At Your Fingertips

Dell APEX PC-as-a-Service (PCaaS) is a fully customizable subscription that provides businesses with Dell PCs, in addition to procurement, deployment, support and lifecycle management solutions. This can help overcome the cost barrier to executing a tech refresh for PCs while avoiding downtime with rapid deployment and ease of scaling. In their customer interviews, ESG identified the following benefits from this offer:

    • Standardization and governance. Consistent devices across the organization with control and visibility.
    • Predictable costs. Comes with consistent monthly payments with more control and visibility of spend.
    • Sustainable lifecycle. Dell retires your devices in a secure and environmentally conscious manner.
    • Improved support. Global team of experts worldwide to assist when needed.

“Overall, Dell APEX PCaaS is about 13% lower in TCO than before and keeps us from having huge refresh investments hit at the same time.”1

-Dell APEX Customer

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Any-sized Organization, Enterprise-grade Support

Dell APEX Managed Device Service is a managed service subscription designed to shift the burden of day-to-day support and PC management to Dell. This month-to-month, all-inclusive solution allows your IT teams to focus on driving value for your business, instead of “keeping the lights on” with the day-to-day burden of device management. Customers pointed to the following benefits in their conversations with ESG:

    • Flexibility in scale. Adjust the number of subscriptions up or down as needed.
    • Monthly payments. All-inclusive model with no term commitments.
    • Improved security. Dell ensures devices are updated and have the latest in antivirus and encryption capabilities.
    • Expert support. Alleviate the burden of day-to-day support with Dell APEX experts available 24/7.

“Dell APEX Managed Device Service took the pressure off of us instantly. We are a growing org with needs that are constantly changing. Dell APEX Managed Device Service takes care of everything and allows us to focus on our business instead of trying to be IT experts.”1

-Dell APEX Customer

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Backup Without the Burden

The Dell APEX portfolio also brings an all-in-one data protection platform with backup, disaster recovery and long-term retention governance with Dell APEX Backup Services. No matter your size, ransomware attacks will always be a concern. This offer enables you to back up your endpoints and your SaaS apps like Office365, as well as hybrid workloads like VMware VMs. The ESG paper highlights the following customer benefits:

    • Reduced risk. Expert-level guidance and advanced encryption technologies to secure data.
    • Cost efficiency. Lower overall costs, coupled with the benefits of an as-a-Service model.
    • Agility. A 100% SaaS offer with no infrastructure to manage.
    • Flexibility. Unlimited on-demand scaling and flexibility in agreement terms fit your business needs today and tomorrow.

“I can assure our leaders that we are more secure and protected against disasters because of Dell APEX Backup Services. We sleep better at night because of APEX.”1

-Dell APEX Customer

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Accelerating Growth with Dell APEX

No matter your resource needs or organization size, Dell APEX can help you refresh your devices, offload your management of those devices and securely back up your data. With Dell APEX, you can relieve the burden on your IT teams, focus them back toward innovation and jumpstart your organization’s growth.

1 Enterprise Strategy Group Economic Summary, Analyzing the Economic Benefits of Dell APEX Solutions for Multiple Organizational Sizes and Types, August 2023

About the Author: Mitch McLeod

Mitch McLeod is a storyteller on the Dell APEX Portfolio Messaging team at Dell Technologies. Obsessed with what technology can enable for organizations, he specializes in crafting stories around the future of digital transformation. Mitch has held a few roles across the Dell Technologies marketing organization over the last several years. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Boston University, and lives in the New England area. A native of Montana, you can find him reading and/or enjoying the great outdoors.