Introducing Dell APEX Compute for All Your Workload Needs

Easily subscribe to scalable bare metal compute resources supporting your choice of operating system or hypervisor.

Planning for IT infrastructure in today’s environment is challenging. Keeping up with constantly evolving business and workload demands is like trying to hit an ever-moving target. CapEx budget approval processes are also complex and time-consuming, where IT needs often shift by the time approvals happen and deployment is ready. Additionally, upfront capital investments for IT put pressure on resource availability for other growth areas of the company. Such challenges hinder organizations from reaching their digital transformation goals. This is why moving toward a subscription-based OpEx model is such an attractive alternative for many of our customers.  

We introduced Dell APEX to help our customers get away from the challenges of infrastructure ownership and upfront budgeting, while helping to simplify their overall cloud experience, and now we’re excited to announce the latest addition to the Dell APEX portfolio. 

Introducing Dell APEX Compute  

Under the Dell APEX umbrella, customers can now order secure, scalable bare metal compute resources supporting their choice of operating system or hypervisor for virtualized or container-based environments. Built on Dell PowerEdge and designed for OpEx treatment,¹ APEX Compute is available through a predictable monthly subscription with three, four and five-year term options and simple order configuration through the Dell APEX Console. The console also allows customers to monitor their IT spend in real time with centralized cost management. 

Delivered to on-premises data center and edge locations, or to a preferred colocation partner in as few as 28 days,² customers can quickly get compute resources for demanding workloads such as relational databases, data mining or high-density virtualization. In addition, optional Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) from NVIDIA™ are available for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or artificial intelligence and machine learning workloads, for example.  

With Dell APEX Compute, infrastructure is owned by Dell, while offering a higher level of control to customers by empowering them with ownership of tasks such as monitoring capacity utilization and resource optimization. There is also the option for deployment to be handled by Dell, the customer or their preferred channel partner. From day one, we engage a customer success manager, who serves as a trusted advisor and primary point of contact for customers throughout the subscription lifecycle to ensure an excellent Dell APEX experience.  

Power Emerging Use Cases and Modernize Applications  

Most organizations today are in the process of shifting toward cloud-native constructs such as containers with Kubernetes orchestration, in addition to their existing virtualization environments. By architecting new capabilities as microservices and deploying in containers, they are looking for faster deployment and delivery, as well as financial benefits.  

With the ability to run the choice of operating system or hypervisor, customers can support any bare-metal, virtualized or container-based environment with Dell APEX Compute. For example, a recent demo we published shows how to deliver containerized machine learning workloads at scale with simplified orchestration on-premises using OpenShift deployed on Dell APEX Compute connected to Dell APEX Data Storage Services. You can see how to easily deploy a Red Hat OpenShift cluster and then run machine learning notebooks with persistent storage for the container volumes. Customers can build, deploy and run containers with a consistent experience and accelerate development time – and by deploying Dell APEX, they reduce the cost and complexity of modern applications.  

View the demo here.  

Graphic giving an overview of Dell and Red Hat's APEX Compute architecture.
Trusted partners, proven results. Partners for over 25 years, Red Hat and Dell Technologies create jointly engineered and validated open-source solutions that help simplify IT.

Deliver on Your Business Priorities with Dell APEX 

This addition to the Dell APEX Portfolio reflects Dell’s commitment to providing flexible and scalable solutions needed for our customers to stay nimble in the face of constantly evolving business and workload demands. The Dell APEX portfolio includes multiple pre-defined options aligned with typical business outcomes, available with ranging subscription terms. 


1 OpEx treatment is subject to customer’s accounting policies and practices.

2 Deployment time is measured between order acceptance and deployment for Dell-deployed orders. For customer-deployed orders, Deployment time is measured between order acceptance and order delivery. The 28-day deployment applies to select APEX Compute pre-configured solutions and does not include customizations to the standard configuration, partner deployment, or any add-on services that may require additional time beyond the Dell Basic, ProDeploy, or ProDeploy Plus deployment times. Deployment is subject to credit approval, acceptance of APEX terms by required parties, deployment survey, availability of resources at the deployment facility, and project scope verification before order placement. Product availability, international holidays, and other factors can impact deployment. Time-To-Value objectives and regional offer availability varies per region. Contact your sales representative for details. 

About the Author: Alyson Langon

Alyson Langon has over a decade of IT industry experience in Product Marketing at Dell Technologies. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree from American University and has an MBA from Boston College. Alyson currently leads the team responsible for developing messaging and driving marketing strategy for multicloud and as-a-Service offers in Dell’s APEX portfolio.