Dell collaborates with Cloudera, Syncsort and Intel to offer simplified ETL Offloading

As we talk to customers about their IT goals, one thing we often hear about is the need to gain operational efficiency through big data technologies like Hadoop, and the roadblocks they’re facing in attaining those goals. Specifically, we hear that customers are struggling to define and adopt the first use case that will add value to their business without disrupting their existing IT environment, and that they don’t have the deep Hadoop expertise in-house to make it happen. With these challenges, customers are forced to either:

               A) do nothing, and risk missing the proven advantages of gaining insights from their data

               B) spend money on expensive consulting fees

               C) invest additional dollars by adding to their expensive and performance constrained existing data warehouses, or

               D) spend extensive amounts of time learning new programs, and ultimately dragging out their timelines.

Today, Dell, in collaboration with Cloudera, Syncsort, and Intel, is excited to be able to address these roadblocks and provide a quicker and easier path to data analytics. This morning we announced the Dell | Cloudera | Syncsort Data Warehouse Optimization – ETL Offload Reference Architecture, which aims to simplify extract, transform and load (ETL) jobs for non-Hadoop experts. We’ve pulled the best big data and analytics expertise and technology from Dell, Cloudera, Syncsort and Intel to create an intuitive and easy to use solution that enables new Hadoop users to develop and deploy ETL jobs without having to learn new code or hire specialized consultants.

In addition to being an easy transition for first-time Hadoop users, the Dell | Cloudera | Syncsort Data Warehouse Optimization – ETL Offload Reference Architecture also helps customers control costs. In fact, we commissioned Principled Technologies to do some testing for us, and found out that three-year administrative costs are as much as $425,972 lower using the Dell | Cloudera | Syncsort solution than using senior engineer time with a DIY approach.

Tests show that Dell data solutions drive operational efficiency to:

  • Control costs: Reduce data warehouse administrative costs up to 76%
  • Improve productivity: Transform data 60% faster for analysis
  • Simplify ongoing operations: Develop and design complex data transformation jobs up to 54% faster

Additional benefits of the Dell | Cloudera | Syncsort reference architecture include:

  • Faster time-to-value
  • Quicker access to data insights
  • Customizable solutions

To learn more about the Dell | Cloudera | Syncsort Data Warehouse Optimization – ETL Offload Reference Architecture, visit the following Principled Technologies reports:

About the Author: Armando Acosta

Armando Acosta has been involved in the IT Industry over the last 15 years with experience in architecting IT solutions and product-marketing, management, planning, and strategy. Armando’s latest role has been focused on Big Data|Hadoop solutions, addressing solutions that build new capabilities for emerging customer needs, and assists with the roadmap for new products and features. Armando is a graduate of University of Texas at Austin and resides in Austin, TX.