Dell EqualLogic and Compellent Delivers Real Business Value

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In a new whitepaper, IDC  lays out the case for Dell Storage to deliver real value to an organisation set against IDC’s own research into the challenges faced by IT managers today.

In world where we seem to see a constant barrage of bad news it is easy to trot out the lines that IT departments are dealing with shrinking budgets, reduced staff and a deluge of data growth but the simple fact is that IT Managers and Directors are expected to deliver more value to the business or organisation with fewer resources. All this is in world where data growth seems to be out of control.

EqualLogic and Compellent - Average Annual Benefits per 100 users

IDC has conducted analysis that shows Dell storage solutions more than meets these challenges, delivering, on average, a return on investment of 397% and an average payback within 6 months of deployment. The figure on the left shows the savings achieved per 100 users.

IDC interviewed existing Dell storage customers asking them why Dell. The answers that came back were Enterprise features including replication, ease of management, cost effectiveness, data protection in particular speed of recovery and finally scalability.

The financial benefits include reduced storage infrastructure costs, optimised IT staff productivity and enhanced end-user productivity.

Take all these factors and couple them with the Dell mantra of “no fork lift” upgrades and you can be sure of not only the right solution but one that will serve your organisation longer than any of our competitors.

If you are in the process of creating a RFI to start the process of purchasing your next storage solution then the IDC whitepaper is a great starting point for setting out what you want to achieve. Click on the image below to see the IDC whitepaper.

IDC: The Business Value of Dell EqualLogic and Compellent Primary Storage Solutions whitepaper

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Topics in this article