Dell helps a Chinese TV broadcaster succeed in the internet age

 Competitive needs of television broadcasters have changed dramatically in recent years. Audiences increasingly seek not just traditional broadcast TV but also Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) – TV delivered through the internet, anytime, anywhere and on any device.  With a greater reliance on IPTV offerings as a competitive differentiator, it’s critical that the broadcaster’s network infrastructure be up to the task.

Beijing TV (BTV) is a broadcaster taking the lead in the IPTV revolution, competing within China and Asia for an audience of 800 million viewers. The demands of maintaining a high quality of service also puts an enormous strain on the network. If any issues arise, BTV needs to continue to broadcast television services across any platform while issues are being resolved. In the event of system failure – BTV cannot stop high-quality of service broadcasting without the threat of losing both audiences as well as advertisers. TV stations need to consider the networking infrastructure that will support their needs today, and well into the future. Their network deployment needs to scale in order to meet these needs without compromising data delivery quality.


In this video BTV describes in detail how Dell has been able to meet the competitive, business continuity and scalability needs of their business with networking solutions offering best-in-class resiliency, high density and automated system management. Through Dell’s efficiency and high-density network on a standard platform, Dell has saved BTV 35 percent in network system implementation costs. Maintenance also has been dramatically simplified, further reducing costs through ease of use.                   

You can view the video case study below as well as read the full case study on If your company has questions about Dell Networking capabilities, feel free to reach out to us @DellNetworking on Twitter.

About the Author: Kevin Oliver

Kevin Oliver is a product marketing manager for PowerEdge servers, with responsibility for emerging rack server offerings. Kevin’s prior work at Dell includes software defined, converged, and data center networking as well as M&A marketing integration. Additional previous work experience include Asia marketing management for National Instruments and Asia developer relations marketing for Intel.