Dell is Work-Life Approved

Flexibility in how we work is a thread woven throughout the fabric of Dell’s culture. From our team structure to the spaces we work in to empowering our team members to choose how they work best, flexibility is a way of life at Dell.

WorldatWork Work-Life Seal of Distinction 2016Dell recently received a prestigious Work-Life 2016 Seal of Distinction, given to companies that have a supportive culture for their team members both at work and at home, and has set a standard for balancing work and personal time. Recognized by WorldatWork, a nonprofit human resources association, we are proud to be among 116 well-deserving global organizations to win – all of which share a commitment to team member engagement and work-life balance.

For three years in a row, Dell has been in the top 15 companies on Flex Jobs “100 Top Companies with Work from Home Jobs” list. We demonstrate our commitment to support a positive work-life balance through many programs and benefits we offer to encourage a more flexible way to work. Dell’s goal is to not only foster growth and opportunity for our team members worldwide, but ultimately to create a brighter, more successful future for Dell and our customers.

“In my role in HR at Dell, I know the value of a culture of flexibility: It enables us to focus on supporting our customers in ways we couldn’t have imagined possible before, without compromising the life choices or well-being of our team members,” said Mohammed Chahdi.

Chahdi leads global strategic programs within the Dell HR Services Organization including Talent & Workplace Planning and Dell’s flexibility programs and works remotely from Toronto, Canada. He works to evolve Dell’s culture of flexibility to meet the Legacy of Good goal for one in two eligible team members to engage in flexible work by 2020.

Flexible work programs may even be the key in closing the gender gap within the workforce – especially leadership roles. In fact, each Dell executive leadership team member works flexibly themselves.

“Flexible working was instrumental in bringing me to Dell 5 years ago. Since then I have had 4 roles (Country, EMEA and Global) as part of the Global Marketing Rotation Program (MRP). With young children I wanted commuting time to be spent on supporting the family instead and with my mother in poor health I needed to be geographically close, which is away from the main offices,” said Stuart Henderson (pictured above).

Henderson, Corporate Brand Thought Leadership & EMEA CSR Manager based in the UK who has worked remotely nearly 100 percent of his five years at Dell. He drives thought leadership throughout Dell’s solutions areas and works to bring awareness to the company’s corporate social responsibility initiatives.

“Dell takes a flexible approach to work-life solutions. I do not believe at any other company that I would have the opportunity to continue in my Asia Pacific role after re-locating to Canada. Technology coupled with our forward-thinking leadership made the impossible truly possible,” said Georgia Hybner.

Hybner (pictured below), Dell Regional Talent Acquisition Program Lead for Asia Pacific and Japan, has a unique flexible work situation. Four years ago, she moved from her native Australia to Western Canada but works hours that match up with her internal stakeholders in Asia, Pacific and Japan.

Work-life balance isn’t just the hours you work or where you physically sit. In fact, no day looks the same between remote team members at Dell. The Seal of Distinction takes other programs into account including dependent care, health and wellness, flexibility, financial support and education as well as the overall experience of the workforce including the company’s community involvement and time-off policies.

“Being a mum is a full-time job in itself and I know I put pressure on myself to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Last year, I was given opportunities on several occasions to work remotely and I really enjoyed it. It meant that I could have a productive day at work and have dinner ready by the time the rest of the family was back home. Simple things which actually allow me to relax and enjoy quality time with my family while also getting my work done,” said Carole Wojcieszczuk.

Wojcieszczuk is an operations compliance administrator for Dell Financial Services based in Dublin, Ireland. Dell’s flexibility allows her the opportunity to be present for important moments with her family, like her daughter Isabel’s dance classes, while maintaining her career.

We are so honored to have received recognition for our flexible work programs and are excited to see our team members flourish as they are supported inside and outside of work. To explore career opportunities and learn more about life at Dell, visit

About the Author: Sam Guess