Dell launches IT planning Online Exchange

Responsible for your business’s day to day IT needs? Need to find time to focus on long-term planning and strategy? Wondering how to identify your IT priorities for 2012? With questions like these looming in the distance and the IT landscape changing at a minute’s notice, Dell has created an IT planning forum that provides you with tools and resources to help weed through the complexities of setting 2012 IT priorities and budgets.

The IT planning forum will be tackling some of the most pressing issues facing IT managers and business owner’s today: Is cloud computing right for my business? How can I ensure my data is protected? How do I manage an increasingly mobile workforce? Should I virtualize? Does my network have the proper security solution?

On the IT planning online exchange, you’ll find valuable resources such as:

  • Blogs written by Dell enterprise technology experts
  • Videos addressing key topics
  • Whitepapers
  • Compilation of external articles
  • Local events to learn more firsthand

We’re excited to offer this resource to our customers to help them plan for their 2012 IT needs. Check back often to see new tools and resources and be sure to tap into Dell expert resources to get your pressing IT planning questions answered. We’re here to help.

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About the Author: Lucy Kirk