Dell Launches the EC280 for Chinese Consumers

Dell unveiled the EC280, a small desktop PC developed for first-time buyers and users seeking basic productivity, online and multimedia functionality. The system was designed and developed by engineers at Dell's China Design Center located in Shanghai. Right now, it will only be sold in China, and the base configuration costs around $310 $335 US dollars. Note: My conversion was off a bit—my apologies.

Last year, the Internet reached over 1 billion users worldwide. An impressive number, but still only a small part of the earth's global population. Many of those users who make up the next billion users will be in China.


Because it's built around a Mini-iTX motherboard, the system is about one-eighth the size of a standard ATX case. It's low-power consumption helps ensure quiet operation.

Dell China will offer the EC280 in two different configurations and three different monitor choices. Customers can opt for no monitor as well. Both configurations support an Intel processor 205 and a 65W power supply, 256MB or 512MB RAM, 40 – 80GB hard drive, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive options. Both configurations come pre-loaded with Windows XP Home

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