Dell OEM Solutions Custom Shop Winter, 2011 update: Part 2

I recently posted a Vblog demonstrating some of the fascinating work the Dell OEM Solutions Engineering Team has done to enhance the PowerEdge M1000e blade chassis for one of our customers. Here I want to show you how we modified the PowerEdge T710 allowing it to be used in ways the original engineering team never dreamed of.

The brilliant Ric McKinney explains what he and Shane Chiasson, fellow OEM Engineer, developed using the T710 to deliver high end GPGPU capabilities with quality sound on the enterprise class OEM-Ready PowerEdge R710 tower server.

I am always blown away by the capabilities of our OEM Engineering Team and look forward to the future. I’ll be showing more of Ric in coming posts.

If you are interested in learning more about Dell OEM Solutions, please let us know. If you have other ideas for improving our offerings while maintaining all the principles and values our customers rely upon, also let us know.

About the Author: Franklin Flint