Dell on Twitter Page Redesign

While there's been many reactions to Dell making money on Twitter (here's my last related Direct2Dell post), more than a few customers have complained how hard it is to make sense of our presence on the microblogging site. I can understand the confusion—when you add up all the business, social media feeds and Dell employees accounts on Twitter, there's a bunch of them.

That's why we recently rolled out a a redesign of the Dell on Twitter page. It's a small first attempt for us to build a framework around our presence in Twitter. I say small first attempt because we realize that people really want to understand how to connect with Dell employees on Twitter instead of Dell properties, and there will be more improvements are coming on that front. For now—here's a tip that works on who to contact  on some of the Dell business accounts or feeds: go to that account's main Twitter page (like @Direct2Dell, for example) and look at the Following section on the right hand side. You'll see other Dell properties, but you'll also see one employee—@LionelatDell since I am responsible for @Direct2Dell. Now, back to the topic at hand: the page redesign…

We group Dell official Twitter accounts into four main topic categories: Offers and Sales, Communities, Blogs and News. You can also view Dell Twitter accounts by language by clicking on the View by Language tab. Besides the main area, you'll see sections for Most Popular, Dell Communities and a Featured Employees section. So, next time you hear someone ask how to find Dell on Twitter, tell them to visit If you can't remember that, then tell them Google "Dell on Twitter" it will be the first link on those search results.

On a side note… while I was doing some background research for this post, I came across a Twitter 101 page from the folks at Twitter themselves. If you're tweeting for a company (or about to start), there's some good information there.

Thanks to the team of Dell folks who worked to get us here. To others out there who already interact with us on Twitter or those who want to reach out to us there, I'd love to get your thoughts… do you like the redesign? what works/ what doesn't? What else would you like to see there?

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca