Dell Partners Can Become Brand Masters

I like to think that one good brand deserves another. That’s why Dell is committed to helping our partners better understand the value of developing their own strong brand and the importance of protecting the Dell brand through newly available brand training and resources.

Why is branding important?
A brand embodies a company’s core values and implied promises on what it will deliver – whether that’s an experience, a service or a product. Everything we do (or don’t do) defines and impacts our brand – our values, our reputation and our customers’ first and most recent impressions. We need to remember that brands are not just icons, just logos, just products. A brand is what a customer says it is. It’s their emotional connection or reaction. It’s their whole experience. It’s everything we collectively do. Brands are living and evolving, affecting both customers and business results.

So what makes up a powerful brand?
Powerful brands have purpose. They build an emotional connection with the consumer through all their interactions and touch points, from product packaging to customer service calls. All powerful brands are built on consumer trust. As a brand gains trust from the consumer, the brand builds customer loyalty. As the brand purpose comes to life, a brand can grow to its full potential—generating premium prices, long-term profits and market expansion.

What brand training is available from Dell?

1. Dell Brand Masterclass

As an added benefit for our most committed partners, we are excited to announce the launch of a new Brand Masterclass. Exclusive to our Preferred and Premier Partners, the webcast is now available on-demand on the partner portal.

Training topics:

• Creating a powerful and lucrative brand

• The Dell brand strategy and what it means for partner business

• Where, when and how to promote Dell partnership

2. Social Media Training 2.0

Also available to our Preferred and Premier Partners is the new Social Media Training 2.0 live training course. Building on foundational principles from the original Social Media Training, partners can learn more platform-specific best practices for promoting their business—and boosting their brand.

How can I help protect the Dell brand while promoting my partnership?
All partners have a responsibility (and business interest) to properly display and communicate their partnership with Dell. The best way to clearly showcase your partnership is through the inclusion of your PartnerDirect logo. As promoted in my Direct2Dell post last year, PartnerDirect logos are specific to each level of partnership. It’s critical that partners confirm they are using the correct logo as shown below:

Since partners are an important extension of the Dell brand, we rely on them to join us in helping people around the world to grow and thrive. Partners can also build their own credibility and improve their customer loyalty through association with a globally recognized brand leader and by providing excellent customer service in support of the Dell brand promise.

How can Registered Partners gain access to premium benefits like the exclusive brand training and social media training?

The answer is — get certified! Preferred and Premier Partners hold certifications that improve their expertise, demonstrate a high-level of commitment to their Dell partnership, and afford them additional marketing resources, sales support and training. Find out more about the advantages of becoming certified, in this recent Direct2Dell blog by Sarah Locke, Communications Advisor – Global Certified Partner Program and Channel Social Lead.

If you need additional branding information or guidance, please send your questions to the Dell Partner Resource Desk at or contact your local Dell channel account manager. You can also follow me on Twitter @emilysatdell for further brand related information and updates. 

Training By Region/Country:

North America: Brand Masterclass

India: Brand Masterclass

United Kingdom: Brand Masterclass

Germany: Brand Masterclass

France: Brand Masterclass


About the Author: Emily Store