Dell (PRODUCT) RED Super Bowl Ad

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Even though the Dallas Cowboys won't be playing, I'm looking forward to tomorrow's game. I'm interested to see the reaction to the commercials tomorrow, and welcome your comments here.

Update, February 3: Here is the Dell (PRODUCT) RED Super Bowl ad. The song that's playing is Mick Jagger's "Charmed Life" from his record, Very Best of Mick Jagger.

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Beyond that, I saw that Jeremiah Owyang set up @Superbowlads on Twitter to allow the community to rate Super Bowl commercials in real time. Here's his post for more details. Rather than trying to re-create the steps, here's a screenshot from Jeremiah's post that explains how to do it (I hope you're okay with the screenshot approach, Jeremiah!).

Also, just so you know, the screenshot is hyperlinked to the Terraminds page that Jeremiah links to in step 3.

I'll post the Dell (PRODUCT) RED Super Bowl commercial here in this post once it airs tomorrow. We welcome your comments here, and I'll be watching the overall reactions via @Superbowlads in Twitter and the Terraminds RSS feed.

Update, February 3: Some folks are using this Tweetscan feed to track the overall conversation. It seems to be update faster than Terraminds.

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