@Dell pumped to be part of Twitter’s Enhanced Profile Page rollout

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Today, we’re pumped to be a part of Twitter’s new “Enhanced Profile Pages” (EPP), a new feature Twitter is launching today with a select handful of partners, including Dell.

Key features of Twitter’s *new* Enhanced Profile Pages:

  • “Pinned Tweet”: Ability to choose what tweet appears at the top of your timeline. (think sticky tweet – great way to feature content!)
  • Expandable Media: If the pinned Tweet contains a photo or video, it will auto-expand [as shown below]… rich, in-line media really adds punch to your Twitter profile, and
  • More branding: via banner @ top of page.

Exclusive partners like Dell will have early access to upcoming product enhancements, features, custom Twitter-produced events and marketing programs. Additionally, Twitter will provide custom 2012 analytics roadmap including online behavior impact studies, sentiment analysis and value of a follower.

Wow, that’s a ton of new, great features! For businesses, these improvements are fantastic. Now we can highlight featured content with rich media clearly displayed at the top of the stream.

For Dell, you’ll see these improvements across the following Dell twitter accounts, starting today:

Here’s how our @Dell page looks with these new twitter features:

Notice how the pinned tweet at top includes an embedded YouTube video, which is playable right on your business profile (great way to keep traffic on your page and drive up engagement).

Be sure to check out Twitter’s blog post announcement today.  See also, "Let your brand take flight on Twitter with enhanced profile pages."  Twitter will slowly roll out enhanced profile pages to a wide audience of brands in the coming months. http://fly.twitter.com/.

I think these enhanced profile page features really up the game when it comes to publishing social business content. No longer do we just see a stream of tweets, now we see vibrant content that is much more engaging! 

What do you think of these new features? How do you anticipate businesses will put these new features to work?

More importantly, what do you want to see from Dell for the pinned tweet (featured content)? Do you want to see videos? photos? slideshare decks? whitepapers? 

Let us know, we’re listening!! As always, your comments and feedback are welcome here.


About the Author: Susan Beebe

Topics in this article