Dell’s OptiPlex 980: Superb Management and an Environmentally-Friendly Design

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a product manager for Dell's commercial desktops, I get to work with the latest
and greatest computing technology.  And the
Dell OptiPlex 980, that we recently introduced, is a perfect example of this.  

OptiPlex 980, what I consider to be our best OptiPlex yet, was designed from
the ground up. As you can see from the image below, the it sports a updated angular business-like chassis with clean lines. 
This redesign is direct reflection of the feedback we received from
customers. You can click on the image to see a larger version, or click on this set on our Flickr page to see more.

the flagship of our commercial desktop family, the OptiPlex 980 packs an
impressive array of new features, such as, Intel Core processor
technology (Core i5 or Core i7) options and Solid State Drive options for
increased performance and reliability.  To give you an example of the performance of this
new desktop, by utilizing next generation Intel Core technology we are seeing
performance improvement of over 35% compared to previous generation
systems.  This represents the best
performance of any commercial class desktop we have seen to date. 

the purpose of this post, I really wanted to call out something in particular.  Here at Dell, we take great pride in the
environmental design of our systems.  And
the OptiPlex 980 reflects that focus. 

give you an example of some of the key environmentally friendly design features
supported on the new OptiPlex 980….

  • Post Consumer
    Recycled Plastics: We build each of our new OptiPlex 980 systems with
    between 10% and 25% post consumer recycled content in the plastics of each
  • Dell
    exclusive EcoKit option: This solution reduces the acoustical noise of the
    system by as much as 50% compared to the competition.  
  • As far as
    power goes, we have redesigned our power supplies and now have 2 options.
    A standard version and a high efficiency version, which delivers up to 90%
    efficiency and qualifies for Energy Star 5.0 certification.
  • The new
    OptiPlex 980 is 40% more power efficient than previous generation OptiPlex
    GX620 systems… so for customers replacing 4-5 year old desktop systems,
    you can see a significant power savings.
  • And finally,
    we provide an online tool called our Dell Energy Calculator that allows
    you to enter in information like: the system-in this example the OptiPlex
    980, the configuration, processor type, hard drive, memory and display or
    monitor device. You enter in your local energy cost per kilowatt… and the tool
    estimates your annual energy cost per system. You can compare
    configurations within a particular system or even various different
    systems to help you better gauge the system and configuration that best
    fits your needs.

in closing… I'm really proud of our latest OptiPlex product, the new OptiPlex
980. We have made significant investments in this product and I believe we
offer a unique system that delivers a wide breadth of features to address
customer pain points.

About the Author: Curtis Campbell

Topics in this article