Dell Selected For Top Employer Award in Germany


Winning Culture… Great place to work… just two phrases most of us at Dell are familiar with and summarise Dell's ambitious goal to be a world-action lawsuit employer.

"Just words!" many of you might say. "Every company turns such goals into their credit."

Are these just slogans for Dell? Handelsblatt, one of the key business publications in Germany, wanted to find out and came to some interesting and encouraging conclusions. Every year Handelsblatt, along with the independent Corporate Research Foundation (CRF), selects Germany's top employers of the year based on criteria like company culture, overall development opportunities, salary, job security and much more. Dell Germany has been participating in this locally renowned survey for a couple of years now, and for the second year running, Dell has been selected Dell as one of Germany's Top Ten Employers.

We were voted the best employer in our industry category. Out of 88 companies from multiple industries Dell has been ranked No. 7 of Top Employers in Germany. In several key categories we reached a top five position and were ranked No. 1 for career and development opportunities, No. 2 for job security and No. 4 for company culture.

We have two offices here in Germany and this award reflects a lot of what we are trying to achieve at Dell and for our employees – to attract and retain the best talent to serve our customers. At the same time I am well aware that such a fantastic recognition comes a responsibility to continue on this journey to build and sustain a great culture for our people and future.

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