Dell vCloud Goes Hollywood with GreenButton

The addition of new customers to the Dell Cloud with VMware vCloud Data Center Service provides an opportunity for the promotion of interesting ways that Dell’s public/hybrid cloud is leveraged for the maximization of efficiency, global reach, and new business opportunities. I have already blogged about Gratifon and how their VoIP solution enhances the lives of people living in Panama by delivering free phone service in shopping centers. In this post, I am introducing another customer of the Dell vCloud that is revolutionizing access to high performance computing applications without the need for sophisticated, expensive computing infrastructure.

GreenButton delivers an application platform on Dell vCloud for application vendors looking to transition to the cloud and for the management and delivery of cloud services. Leveraging this platform, application vendors can embed GreenButton tools managing the shifting of workloads from the local device to the Dell vCloud for enhanced speed and efficiency in processing the workload. For example, SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer Version 7 is an application helping manufacturing companies unify, synchronize, and deliver visual product and business information. The design work is conducted on local hardware but the 3-D (or 2-D) rendering is uploaded as single workload to the Dell vCloud via GreenButton technology for processing in seconds rather than hours or days on common desktop or laptop hardware.  The image below from GreenButton’s website shows an image ready for rendering and the simple “green button” built into the application.

As you would expect, this innovative technology is actively used in rendering of special effects and cartoons for movie and animation studios and graphic design firms.  For example, here is a video about the making of a short film submitted by George Kim as an entry for the “Dreamscape” CGChallenge XXVI organized by the The entire video was rendered using GreenButton and a public cloud:

(Please visit the site to view this video)

In conclusion, I offer you a video from GreenButton to learn more:

(Please visit the site to view this video)

If you are interested in learning more about GreenButton and how you can enable applications to offload workloads to Dell vCloud please contact me and I will engage you with the specialized Dell-GreenButton team.

About the Author: Stephen Spector