Dell Venue Pro Finds A Soul Mate in Engadget Editor in Chief

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Wow…What a show! Saturday’s taping of the Engadget Show is now up and available here. On the heels of Microsoft's much talked about Windows Phone 7 launch Engadget Editor in Chief, Josh Topolsky, sat down with Microsoft Director Aaron Woodman to talk about rollout schedules, features, developers and of course the #DellVenuePro. These guys really know how to put on a good show…I thought, at one moment, Topolsky was going to pocket the Venue Pro and run off the set.

So, what was discussed? Plenty of great content and answers to many common questions including availability, carriers and of course the Dell Venue Pro. So, if you’ve got about 20 minutes to geek out and enjoy some great discussion around the new operating system it’s worth the time. And, near the 16 and 30 minute marks you’ll hear Josh say some amazing things about the Venue Pro…Here’s just a few:

"It’s so gorgeous…It's really beautiful looking…Really a dream device…And, this phone is sexy enough to make me just jump ship."

Also, Bill Gorden, Dell Smartphone GM, posted a pretty good update on the Venue Pro and Windows Phone 7 OS from the grounds of Microsoft’s launch event on October 11. Check out the post for additional thoughts from a true mobile veteran.


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