#DellHangout: Redefine IT Operations with PowerEdge VRTX

Today even small and remote offices need the high-end processing power that large datacenters can provide. They used to call this idea “datacenter in a box.” The problem was that it wasn’t real or affordable….until now.  That’s why Dell designed the PowerEdge VRTX platform, a fully integrated, pre-tested solution with a single unified management console specifically designed for office environments.

On today, July 25, from 12-1 PM CT, Dell and Microsoft experts are sitting down for a discussion about this new platform. They will discuss the benefits of the VRTX platform, such as:

  • Consolidation: consolidates servers, storage, networking and systems management in a single 5U chassis.
  • Manageability: Agent-free management of servers, storage, networking and power in a single tool with a single console.
  • Scalability: Up to 48TB of storage and performance to run high-end local applications and support the entire office.
  • Ideal Size: Runs on standard 100V or up to 240V power, small enough to fit in an out-of-the way location and doesn’t require external cooling and runs quieter than an air conditioner.

Ron Hyde, a specialist from Dell, will moderate the talk with Roger Foreman, Dell CMC expert and Stephen Sandifer, an expert on Microsoft workloads. Learn from the experts how PowerEdge VRTX can be easily deployed to redefine your IT operations. The VRTX platform includes pre-tested and certified storage, networking, OS’s, hypervisors and systems management all in one box. VRTX features certified reference architechtures for all of the Microsoft workloads your business is running or would like to run: SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and System Center.

The experts will answer #VRTX questions we've already received on social media. Get more insight and post your questions on Twitter or Dell's Google+ page using the hashtag #DellHangout.

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About the Author: Lillian White