Dell’s Latest Corporate Desktop: The OptiPlex 780

OptiPlex 780 Family

being dependable, steady and unassuming may not always work to your advantage, especially on days like today when we're introducing products like the Latitude Z. The same I think holds true for commercial desktop technology. In recent years,
desktop PCs have been much maligned being labeled as boring, passé and even
antiquated. I couldn't disagree more, based on recent conversations with
colleagues and customers, I've found that desktop systems will continue to play
a vital role as the client backbone to most Fortune 500

our OptiPlex
is the best selling commercial desktop in the world, according to IDC. As customer needs change and evolve, we've
taken a good thing and made it better. How?

the OptiPlex 780 gives IT managers streamlined remote systems management
capabilities through Intel vPro
. This technology provides a great way of "future proofing" an IT
investment because it enables desktop virtualization, which is still in its
infancy. At the same time, the OptiPlex 780 is engineered to keep downtime at a
minimum when performing the four most common desktop service tasks: replacing
hard drives, replacing power supplies, adding memory, and adding PCI(e) cards.

the end of the day, IT managers and users want a versatile mainstream desktop
solution that won't break the bank. The OptiPlex 780 delivers just
that-delivering performance, efficiency and dependability. Systems like the
OptiPlex 780 may not ever get noticed for being sleek but it is one of the few
things that will keep working and plodding on without interruption.

Though they're not as exciting as the images of the Alienware ALX or the Latitude Z, you can see more pictures of it in our OptiPlex 780 Flickr set.

About the Author: John Robles