– A Community Devoted to Mobility

digitalnomads logo At today's mobility event where we launched several new Latitude laptops and Dell Precision mobile workstations, we also unveiled a new community site called Take a look at Bruce Eric Anderson's introductory post on the site for a bit more background.

So, why now?  Like Don Reisinger discusses in a recent post, there continues to be a strong trend toward laptops and mobile devices. Lots of folks are out there are connecting to the Internet to work from remote locations—places like coffee shops, conference rooms, airports, etc. Technology is enabling that capability through things like Wi-Fi, mobile broadband, cell phone networks and a host of mobile devices.

Those trends are changing the landscape of how work gets done and how people connect with each other. We hope to foster conversations about these trends and the technology and devices that are driving them.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca