Efficiency and Productivity is Possible with Desktop Virtualization Solutions from Dell and VMware

Many organizations have turned to desktop virtualization for the benefits of security, flexibility and efficiencies and now, Dell is introducing a new solution that is capable of running VDI along with general and specific workloads including cloud and enterprise applications in a converged infrastructure.

Dell and VMware are jointly developing and delivering end-to-end desktop virtualization solutions that are easy to configure, order, deploy and support and are available through Dell PartnerDirect and VMware solution providers.

Let’s look at what Dell DVS Enterprise – Active System 800 with VMware Horizon View 5.2 is all about.

Dell DVS Enterprise – Active System 800 with VMware Horizon View 5.2 offers an intuitive, flexible and comprehensive approach to converged infrastructure desktop virtualization. Capable of supporting up to 135 users per compute node, this solution brings together the highly responsive, scalable and available desktop virtualization environment provided by VMware Horizon View 5.2 with Dell’s converged infrastructure. It is pre-engineered, pre-assembled and pre-tested to accelerate time-to-value of new virtual infrastructure.

This pre-integrated, purpose-built system combines intuitive infrastructure management, open architecture and a unified support model to provide three key benefits:

  • Rapid and simple scalability, whether wanting to add compute and storage capacity or choose from multiple configurations
  • Fast and easy provisioning and operations through Active System Manager’s template-based experience for the deployment, orchestration and management of physical and virtual converged infrastructure and workloads
  • Automated storage load balancing and host-integrated data protection to reduce management complexity

This seamless end-to-end solution integrates:

  • Dell Active System Manager 7.0 – Workload automation and infrastructure management for the converged data center through capabilities such as template-based provisioning, workflow orchestration and resource pooling
  • Dell PowerEdge M I/O Aggregator – Enables interoperability with a non-Dell network and allows server administrator to push blade chassis networking features to top-of-rack switch
  • Modular Infrastructure– Bladed form factors enable easier systems integration, and more efficient ongoing operation
    • PowerEdge M1000e blade chassis
    • Power Edge M620
  • ConvergedSAN/LAN Fabric – Gain efficiencies by combining SAN and LAN networks into one efficient shared network
  • VMware Horizon View 5.2 – Give optimal user experience and maximum productivity by delivering rich, personalized desktops to multiple devices

And what makes this all so exciting is that this solution is the first validated desktop virtualization solution with Dell Active System 800 – adding to an already robust Dell and VMware solution portfolio enabling organizations, and yours, to gain outstanding efficiencies through resource optimization and heightened security.

Learn more about Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions and the tangible ways it can help your organization, http://bit.ly/desktopvirtualization.

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About the Author: Janet Diaz