Exclusive Q and A with Thierry Pellegrino, Director of Engineering, Dell OEM Solutions

There is a team of experts behind the 12th Generation PowerEdge who have driven it from conception through development and are now about to see it launch.  These engineers are the brains behind our latest products designed specifically for OEM Solutions’ customers. I spoke to Thierry Pellegrino, Director of Engineering, Dell OEM Solutions, for an exclusive, inside look into how his team helped develop our latest generation of servers to meet the unique needs of our OEM customers.

Some of the questions I asked him where:

  • What excites you most about our 12th Generation servers and how did you help drive your team to success on their development?
  • How does a new server generation go from concept to customer?
  • What do you consider your team’s biggest OEM engineering accomplishment?
  • How you you view “true” innovation?

Read the full blog post here:

You can also watch Thierry here in this video on the 12 minds behind the 12 generation launch together with some of our other OEM engineers:

About the Author: Joelle Coghlan