Fedora 9 released, Thank You Mirrors!

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Just a quick shout out to all of the great Fedora public mirrors worldwide.  Tuesday's release of Fedora 9 was the smoothest yet from a Fedora Infrastructure POV – no switch meltdowns, no datacenters knocked offline, and few gripes about slow downloads from the forums I've read.

In the first two days, over 107,000 users downloaded CD or DVD images from our mirror system, more than double that of the 48,000 BitTorrent downloaders.  Our mirrors served those bits at a combined 67 Gigabits/sec.  Of those who downloaded Fedora 9, more than  44,000 have already installed in these two days, evidenced by their systems checking for updates.  So we know it's being put to good use.

Thanks to all our  great volunteer mirror admins, and their sponsoring Universities and companies, for making this release a success.  Your contribution to Fedora, and Free and Open Source Software, is appreciated by users around the globe.

If you are interested in hosting a public or private Fedora mirror, please see http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/Mirroring for how to get started.

Edit: Jef reminded me that we have great maps you'll want to see.

First, all our public mirrors worldwide.  If you don't see one near you, please help us add one!

Fedora Mirrors

Next, Fedora 9 adoption this week:


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