Fighting Credit Fraud and Meeting PCI Compliance Requirements with Dell KACE

According to a report by Packaged Facts, the global payment card market topped $1 trillion in 2009. As credit card use grows, so does the opportunity for credit fraud. It seems every week we hear about a new, high profile security breach through a retailer’s Point of Sale (POS) system. The POS is generally the most vulnerable area for cyber-thieves to break in and steal credit card information. Believe it or not, we are more safe today than six years ago. In 2005, payment card companies came together and introduced the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards—a set of required security steps created to keep retail organizations and their customers more secure from payment card theft.

The payment card industry has come down hard on both retailers and other organizations that store or has access to credit and debit payment card information by imposing heavy penalties for PCI standard violations. The problem with PCI is enterprise retail corporations have a more stringent set of PCI compliance standards than a smaller local bakery chain, for instance. Though research has shown that smaller local shops have a higher chance of a security breach because the required security steps can be expensive and complicated to manage for a smaller business.

This is where Dell KACE comes in.

PCI compliance requires organization-wide processes to be put in place. Systems management support is a critical piece to the security puzzle — Dell KACE systems management appliances help companies quickly gain compliance by providing critical tools and capabilities, such as automated patching, software distribution (even remote) and industry-leading reporting. The appliances accelerate PCI compliance and offers better security for users.

But don’t just take it from me. Suarez Corporation Industries, a worldwide leader in direct marketing, has been keeping its POS systems safe and sound using the Dell KACE Management Appliance. The company’s IT Security lead, David Simmons, had this to say:

“I am happy to give credit where credit is due. PCI compliance is becoming a bigger issue to companies, and the Dell KACE Management Appliance has helped us meet many requirements, such as patching, change controls and adding or removing Active Directory users in a process-driven manner. Prior to using the appliance, we ran a very manual security check process. Our Service Desk was on sticky-notes and we manually installed software and updates. Now, those tasks are fully automated and fast—the Dell KACE Management Appliances offered the low-cost, capability-rich product we were looking for.”

KACE appliances are well known for saving IT administrator’s time, as well as their organizations money. Now you can add one more area and that’s helping companies achieve PCI compliance. To learn more about Dell KACE Management appliances and how they can help your organization stay secure, visit

About the Author: Saranya Babu