Folding@Home: Team XPS Keeps Rolling Along

Back in January, Jeff Dickinson became the first Dell Community member to blog on Direct2Dell. His blog post focused on the Folding@Home project, and on Team XPS. The team has been in existence since July of 2007, and they've accomplished quite a bit. I wanted to take a few minutes go over some of those milestones:

  • Team XPS has more than doubled in size since January 2008: Back then, Team XPS had 76 members; now they have 153 and can always use more
  • Team XPS has broken into the Top 100 teams worldwide: back in January, they had just cracked the top 150. Today, they currently rank #67 out of more than 120,000 teams)

Team XPS members use all kinds of machines. As a whole  the XPS 700-class machines are the most common, but there's all kinds of machines. Leahchimaz even set up a bank of Vostro desktops that he dedicates to running Folding@Home. And folks like Rafael Polit have used their machines to join the cause. That said, you don't have to have an XPS or even a Dell to join the team. All you need is a desktop, notebook or even a Playstation 3 to be part of it. MoneyGuyBK's post over at Your Blog has additional information

Thanks to all of the members of Team XPS. It's awesome to see the community you've built and what the team has accomplished up to this point—especially since it's for such a good cause. The team is always looking for more members. If you have some questions, submit a comment here or at MoneyGuyBK's post. You can also head to the Team XPS forum page to get answers.

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