Geek out with 6 Monitors on 1 PC with AMD EyeFinity Technology

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Now that you have your brand new Dell XPS 8500 with the high end graphics card the question is how do you configure multiple monitors? To begin with, at minimum you can support four monitors with your high-end graphics card such as the AMD Radeon HD7870 2GB GDDR5 card. But for the multi-tasker, day trader, content creator in us four monitors doesn’t cut it. Thanks to the Eyefinity Technology by AMD and multi-monitor hub (Dell MMH11) we can now configure up to 6 monitors. The thing to note is that the hub converts 1 port into 3 extended monitors. So at the end of the day your configuration is 3 independent workspaces and 1 extended monitor on 3 monitors. Viola!

Here is how I got 6 monitors configured:

  • Gather the components:
  • Connect the dongle* to the multi-monitor hub.
  • Boot your system and then go to the catalyst control (right click on the desktop)
  • Configure AMD Eyefinity desktop through the catalyst control. For more details on how to arrange and group your monitors read the AMD setup guide

Also, stay tuned for the video where we will walk you through our lab setup.

About the Author: Nafisa Muzaffar

Topics in this article