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Organizations of all sizes are faced with unique challenges as data and applications spread across multiple data centers, co-location facilities, public clouds and increasingly, at the edge. Developers need faster access to infrastructure to build modern applications that can run across multicloud environments. IT struggles to manage scalability and allocate converged resources, such as compute and storage, which leads to unused resources. The edge is growing and becoming progressively important but needs enterprise capabilities that include performance and availability. Your workforce does not need to be retrained; they need modern tools and services to manage the new challenges with speed and efficiency.

Dell is constantly innovating to help our customers capture the multicloud opportunity. Today, at VMware Explore 2022, we are announcing enhanced APEX offers for VMware workloads that speed development of cloud-native apps, better allocate compute and storage resources and provide a curated edge solution that starts small and can scale easily as you grow with a cost-effective footprint.

Accelerating Your Organization’s Developer Velocity

APEX Cloud Services with VMware Cloud, our rich cloud infrastructure as-a-service that delivers secure and consistent operations across multicloud environments, is now helping customers to stand up container-based applications with built-in managed Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Services (TKG) at no additional cost. The included service will help customers accelerate application modernization and give them the ability to run the same TKG clusters across the data center, public cloud and edge for a consistent, secure experience. Agile TKG infrastructure-as-a-service will bring new modern applications to market faster by:

    • Unlocking the full potential of upstream Kubernetes and its burgeoning ecosystem of open-source cloud native technology across multiple cloud environments
    • Easily managing large-scale, multi-cluster Kubernetes deployments and automate manual tasks
    • Streamlining deployment of local and in-cluster services to simplify configurations and ready Kubernetes environments for production workloads
    • Standing-up and managing a Kubernetes runtime consistently running in multiple data centers and clouds

APEX Cloud Services with VMware Cloud is now available in Australia and New Zealand for the first time, expanding from the current list of US, UK, France and Germany.

Scale Effectively as Your Business Grows

Customers have chosen APEX Hybrid Cloud to extend hybrid cloud deployment across cloud platforms and APEX Private Cloud to easily start their cloud experience, all available via the APEX Console. Both solutions will now see up to an 86% improvement in storage performance with up to 33% decrease in latency¹, enabling customers to better meet changing business requirements.

Today’s workloads often have challenging requirements due to rapid business decisions and unique workload needs. APEX Hybrid Cloud and Private Cloud customers now have the option to select compute-only clusters, freeing you to scale compute and storage resources independently. This eliminates the cost of over-provisioning and reallocates resources to best suit your unique requirements. Compute-only clusters can be used along with:

    • Pooling and utilize existing vSAN datastores that may have extra capacity, enabling better resource utilization
    • Connecting to Dell storage arrays such as PowerFlex, PowerStore-T, PowerMax or Unity XT

Enterprise Computing for Space Constrained Environments Such as Edge

In addition, customers can now begin their cloud journey by deploying an APEX Private Cloud subscription with even smaller configurations — as low as 32 instances — which is ideal for customers with limited space, resources and IT personnel. This deployment optimizes infrastructure costs by sharing vSphere licenses and management hosts, providing consistent operational experiences across the core and the edge. Customers can scale and easily expand as their workloads grow with their businesses with the curated small footprint for edge and Remote Office and Branch Office (ROBO) locations.

Visit our APEX website to learn more of our portfolio and stay tuned for our latest news by following Dell APEX on Twitter.

¹ Based on Dell testing of VxRail on latest generation PowerEdge running a RDBMS (60R/40W) workload on RAID1 compared with VxRail on 14G PowerEdge with Cascade Lake, June 2021. Actual results will vary.

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