Get Ready to Tight-Roll Your Jeans – We’re Going Back to the 80s

A recent story about IT spending appeared in the Associated Press quoting a Forrester analyst as saying: "Businesses are also realizing that their employees can use BlackBerrys, iPhones and small laptops known as netbooks for work. So, the analyst said, rather than issuing workers both a PC and a BlackBerry, companies might stick with just a BlackBerry."

From my point of view, you might as well go back to the 1980s (don't get me wrong, I Love the 80s and did the tight roll (Katie's apparently trying to bring it back)) when business travelers of yesteryear went  with 3-inch binders with every stitch of tree-unfriendly paper needed for the trip, a stack of business cards, a legal pad, an easel and charts and graphs on foam core, hoping you don't have to change anything and have them re-printed. There is no way that they can be truly productive and create content or data on BlackBerrys and netbooks. They are highly useful tools to stay connected, but are limited to email and digital content consumption.

I would love to hear what you think.

About the Author: Jeremy Bolen