Girls Aren’t Gamers – Dispelling the Myth

“Girls aren’t gamers.” This is a common myth that I’ve been told since my first gaming competition in 1992 where I placed 4th playing Super Mario World. Since then, I feel like gaming has been labeled with more inaccurate stereotypes than any other hobby or interest. Here we are 24 years later and I am proud to say that thanks to things like social media this myth, among many others, is being disproven daily. Working here at Dell/Alienware, I have had the pleasure of meeting all different types of gamers from around the world but I’m especially excited to tell you about one – actor Chloe Grace Moretz.

Earlier this year someone suggested that I extend an invitation for Chloe to join our #AlienwareHive community. This is a community of individuals who trial and use our latest technology whether it’s new Alienware desktops, laptops, exciting virtual reality technology or other innovations and share their feedback via social media or other ways. It took about 30 seconds after meeting her for me to know she would be a perfect fit.

Remember how I was talking about how many stereotypes there were in the gaming world? Well, in my opinion Moretz singly handily crushes them all. We forged an instant connection over our mutual love for gaming and our shared passion for FPS (first person shooter) games. We invited Moretz to join us for our Alienware Anniversary Party at E3 in June where she played alongside Shawne Merriman, a man at least twice her size who works in a totally different industry, further proving how anyone can be a gamer. This is where we decided we had to partner further to help show all aspects of gaming.

Moretz and the Alienware group teamed together to create a series of three videos with  different individual messages showing all styles of gaming and gamers while still keeping one theme the same “We’re Game.” With the help of Rooster Teeth’s own Achievement Hunter, Alienware’s Anna Maree, and Joe Vargas of the Angry Joe show, Moretz prove that no matter your look, gender, experience or what society says a gamer is, we can all be gamers. So whether you’re a six-year-old girl playing in her first Super Mario World competition, an outstanding actor, or giant professional football player, Alienware is proud to stand behind all gamers. Follow @Alienware on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to watch Chloe and others get their game on.

And now, without further ado, I’m proud to present the first of the three videos. Chloe Grace Moretz and the Achievement Hunters of Rooster Teeth:

About the Author: Aundrea Grumbo