Graduate Life at Dell: An Invitation to Amsterdam

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My name is Diana, and I am an Inside Sales Representative in Bucharest who would like to share with you one of the best experiences I´ve had at Dell so far.

As of last year, I am part of a program called EMEA sales graduate program, which offers the chance to work in the sales field. It is a great opportunity for me to connect with people all over EMEA because I have gotten the chance to travel to different events of the company.

group of graduate students gathered in front of Dell Amsterdam

My first international experience with Dell was in Amsterdam. We had an induction there for two weeks, with graduates from different countries all around the EMEA region. Sounds really great, right? Then let’s discover together how it was.

Cross your comfort zone and grow using the right IT solutions

The first day when we arrived at the Dell office in Amsterdam we met the team and we played a speed-dating game in order to find out things about the others, and to connect with everyone. In the following days we had a lot of trainings about Dell as an organization, our culture, advantages of Dell and we learned negotiation skills. After that we were split into teams to learn selling skills through different study cases and games.

The trainings were really intense and in order to maintain a balance between work and fun, the core team organized a canal tour for the whole group in Amsterdam. That night was really special because we had the chance to talk a lot to each other and get to know each other better on a personal level. We also got to admire the outstanding views of the city and create a united team. So, from my point of view the canal tour was a very good idea for a team building activity.

After those great days of trainings, conferences and speeches, we had the possibility to spend the weekend to have fun and discover the beautiful Amsterdam. For those who will visit the city in the future I strongly recommend you to go to the Van Gogh Museum, the Swing Over the Edge and of course to explore the beautiful city on foot.

…an essential fact that I have learned at this training was that you have to cross your comfort zone to create the best version of yourself.

During the second week, we began trainings about selling skills and possible solutions for our clients. Since we had gotten to know each other the week before, the vibe was really good and the energy level really high. It was also very interesting to find out how important the technology is in our life and how much a business can grow using the correct IT solutions. Also an essential fact that I have learned at this training was that you have to cross your comfort zone to create the best version of yourself. Our trainer helped us understand that courage and trust in ourselves is really important in our career.

In addition to this, I want to say that I really enjoyed a study case where we had a role play seller-client-observer, where each of us had to present a solution for a client and to tell them why what we sell is the best. If you are interested in sales, the EMEA Sales Graduate program is the perfect program for you. I have learned how to identify the needs of our customers and how to find the best solutions. So, I think it’s a great opportunity to start a career in Dell.

In the final days we had great speakers talking about the pillars that we have in our company, the ERG’s (employee resources groups) that you can be part of and make a difference to the society. Also, I created a 30/60/90 day plan where I established the necessary steps for my role and the development of my career.

Together we go big and win big

Amsterdam was a powerful experience, were we had a lot to learn but also a lot of fun together, we formed a strong and united team. We were all very different but we complemented each other as a team, were we all have big dreams, life stories and visions that connect us.

I am really happy to be part of this programme, because it gives me the possibility to begin a career in sales, in an international environment and also to expand my knowledge in this field. Our time in Amsterdam was one of the best of my life, I met extraordinary people, I formed friendships and I can’t wait for the next event to see all of them again.

If you are at the begining of your career and you are passionate about sales, technology, IT and digital transformation I can’t repeat myself enough: because then The EMEA Sales Graduate program is the perfect opportunity for you. I strongly recommend you this experience, Dell is a company that offers unique chances for fresh graduates and from my point of view it is an invitation to go big and win big, together.

About the Author: Diana Gheorghita

My name is Diana I am 23 years old and I work as an Inside Sales Representative in Bucharest, Romania at Dell EMC. In the same time I study at Politehnica University of Bucharest my Master’S degree Quality of industrial products and services. My job includes to learn the full range of DellEMC technology, products, and services to be able to identify how these products and services align to customer/partner needs. Also, I have to explain technical and market facts to position DellEMC as a competitive solution, in order to Sell DellEMC's products and services. I am passionate about travelling and photography, I have a travel blog, I love to discover new places, cities and cultures. Moreover, I am a big fan of sports cycling, pump, pilates, tennis.
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