Green economics from the Uptime Institute Symposium

I spoke this week at the Uptime Institute’s Symposium 2008. Green IT is a topic that undoubtedly is becoming more top of mind among CIOs and data center managers.

Research from the Uptime Institute indicates that enterprise greenness is both socially responsible as well as economically smart. I couldn’t agree more.

Greening your data center for efficiency is both good for the environment, since you’re lowering your overall CO2 emissions, and good for your pocketbook, since you’re able to reduce power consumption across your IT infrastructure. And this can be done without sacrificing performance. Dell analysis has shown that customers can lower their data center energy consumption by 45 percent while maintaining the same compute performance. This is the result of taking a holistic approach to data center energy efficiency which takes into account the synergy between hardware, power utilization rates, cooling and software solutions.

Dell’s position is that you cannot afford not to be green. And the Uptime Institute would agree that the time to begin greening your data center isn’t sometime in the future – it is now. What questions do you have around the topics of Green IT or power & cooling? Let me know, and I’ll be sure to get back to you with answers.

About the Author: Albert Esser