Has the game finally changed for VDI?

Note: The following post was published on behalf of Kevin McCarthy – Director Partner Management & Business Development, MCPc.


MCPc Technology Products and Solutions logoDisruptive trends are everywhere in IT today. We have seen big shifts before, but we typically see one big shift followed by another. Historically, it’s only a question of how many years it will take before the latest thing becomes the norm. But this time it’s different. I don’t recall a time when more game-changing things were happening at once: clouds of all types, mobility, SAAS, social, virtualization of storage, compute, desktops, apps and now we’re even virtualizing the network and security. It’s hard to find things that aren’t being virtualized. CIO’s have a lot on their minds today, but even with all of these choices, every IT leader knows they must find a way to quickly implement technology that will make people more productive and help everyone get more done.

Desktop virtualization has long held the promise of simplifying how we deliver desktop services and applications to our internal customers. Done right, it should allow us to be more responsive to our users. It should allow us to spend less time managing the desktops. Unfortunately, building such a platform has typically been anything but simple or cost effective.

Can’t someone offer this as an appliance? Why not provide a server with a hypervisor and a single pre-installed VM that would have a pre-configured virtual desktop manger? It should be wizard driven, capable of creating desktops right out of the box and it should make the hardware invisible to the administrator.

At MCPc, we think we have found such a solution.

It is targeted at customers of any size looking to quickly and cost effectively run as many as 130 desktops from a single appliance.

It’s called Dell DVS Simplified. Take a look:

MCPc is focused on providing solutions to all of the IT challenges above. When possible, we use industry-validated designs to reduce cost and implementation time. When gaps exist, we fill them with our own architectures and expertise. DVS Simplified is one solution we like for a quick and easy VDI solution and we think it can help you. Our anyplace workspace™ architecture features a number of solutions that address the challenges associated with BYOD. For more information you can find us at www.anyplaceworkspace.com or www.mcpc.com.

We’ll also be hosting a series of VDI happy hour events along with Dell in 10 cities across the country this October. Attendees will enjoy some craft brews and learn about Dell’s simplified approaches to VDI – out-of the-box as well enterprise-grade. Find out if we’re coming to your city and learn more here.

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