Ideas in Action Update–May 19, 2011

Since my last update a few things have happened that I wanted to share. The Idea Partners have been busy responding to ideas and sharing feedback with their teams. Recently a few ideas have been Implemented or Partially Implemented by Dell and several others are Under Review. We have also been working on cleaning up the site by archiving some of the older ideas with a low vote count. I also want to update everyone on plans to improve the site in the future.

Anne_c has been our most active Idea Partner on the site the last few weeks. Here are a few of the ideas she where she has participated in the conversation: 'Sketch' slate, a product for the design community, Windows 7 SP1, Function/Multimedia Keys Row Design Idea and Blu Ray in Alienware m14x. Anne’s participation has resulted in official status changes to many of the ideas where she has engaged. If you are on Twitter, be sure to follow Anne at @AnneatDell. I look forward to seeing how Anne and the other Idea Partners continue to improve the interaction between Dell and IdeaStorm members.

With the recent information coming out about a new thin and powerful Dell notebook, we have marked iamnotjamesh’s idea Thin is in as Implemented. Sugarbear’s Idea to Expand the ability to buy the OS DVD from the Inspiron line to include the XPS line has also been marked as Implemented. Dell has also Partially Implemented perk1329’s idea wifi streak 7 and iamnotjamesh’s idea to Simplify the Dell website.

Since the launch of the site, I have envisioned IdeaStorm as a bridge connecting Dell and its customers. The exchange of ideas and opinions between site members and Dell is a great tool that helps to shape the future of the company. I look forward to improving those connections though site enhancements in the fall and developing a VIP program for deserving members.

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