IdeaStorm Recap 7-17-08

First of all, I wanted to give an update on the IdeaStorm team at Dell and introduce myself.  As many of you already know, Dawn_L has decided to move on from Dell to pursue a new opportunityKara_K is also moving on, but we are happy that she is staying both at Dell and on our team to be the Small Business online community manager.  Jackie_C will continue to be our IdeaStorm admin (thank you Jackie!!!).  You also may or may not know that we also have a larger extended community team that participates in conversations across the Dell Blogs, Dell Forums, IdeaStorm, Twitter, and the web in general.  You can read more about everyone here on our team bio page. 

That leaves me with the official title of "IdeaStorm Manager."  I'm not a big fan of titles as you can read in my bio since I will respond to almost anything.  I am really excited to take on the task of making sure your suggestions get in front of all the right people at Dell.  I have been at Dell for over nine years and working in this "Community world" for the last two.  Everything I have done thus far has been pretty much in the back office, so you haven't seen much of me online. But, I'm happy to start now and look forward to getting to know everyone.  Feel free to come and chat with me in the Storm Room or connect with me on Twitter @VidaK

I also wanted to make sure I got this post out so I could to respond to badblood's idea for an update on the IdeaStorm team.  You'll see this one change to Implemented shortly after this post!  You'll be hearing more from me in the coming weeks, but getting down to business, here are the updates I can share right now….


It's been a busy month with over 1000 new registered users!  Welcome to roderic8, tramainejones28, ksnipersixfour, whackatak, dermatologist, and pepperoni to name a few. 


jlp2cool's idea for a lap pad was updated to Already Offered – so check it out.

We Partially Implemented jervis961's idea for the Dell community site based on the changes recently made to the home page.  If you haven't paid attention lately – have a look at the new face of Dell.

And last for now, but definitely not least, you may have read about Dell's new multi-touch functionality being added to the Latitude XT (aka Tablet PC).  We've had quite a few ideas around this concept that have been updated to Partially Implemented since it is not available on every display, but you can have the option if you buy a tablet or upgrade if you already own one.

Stay tuned for more updates as I get caught up!

About the Author: Vida Killian