How Important is Color?

Color is something we often take from granted. It’s easy to miss how it impacts our daily lives. Of course, the importance traffic light colors are obvious, but ask designers or psychologists and many will tell you that certain colors can make us happy, sad, hungry, or can even encourage us to take action.

The Dell Printing and Imaging team understand the impact color can have on business interactions – inside the office and out – and are constantly working to lower the barriers to color printing so at the end of the day, our printers help enable our customer’s vision. Whether you want to grab someone’s attention with a flyer, get the message across effectively for an upcoming meeting, or separate your news from the competition, color can help. There is some research that even indicates that color can improve your document's appeal to readers by up to 60%. It can even help readers absorb information up to 70% faster and 77% more effectively.

Many business owners choose to stay away from in-house color printing out of concerns for cost – and who can blame them? In the past, business-class color printers were bigger, more expensive, and often had lower quality output than their monochrome counterparts. Thankfully printing technology advancements are constantly being made, and nowhere is that more true than in color printing. Printers like the Dell 1250c, 1350cn, and 1355cnw are smaller, require less maintenance, and operate at a lower cost than their predecessors. Even at the high end, the award-winning Dell 5130cdn is one of the fastest color laser printers in its class (47ppm!) and has a cost per page of about 1¢ per page for black and just 7.7¢ per page in color – all with output quality so outstanding, that one reviewer said that it was perfect for printing production-quality comic books.

But advances in money-saving technology don’t stop there. Dell also offers our exclusive Dell ColorTrack technology, which empowers businesses to manage color printing costs. It allows administrators to grant access to color printing to authorized personnel only, while still allowing other users to print in mono – reducing the need for multiple monochrome and color printers in the same environment. This allows businesses to easily take advantage of the benefits color has to offer while reigning in potential costs.

With the pace of global business speeding up these days, we’re seeing more people take their printing in-house rather than going to third parties to save time and money. Sending your marketing collateral to an outside printer can be costly and inefficient, often taking much longer than you have to spend. With immediate results, complete control over your final product and the option to print whatever and whenever you need to, businesses of all sizes are becoming more empowered through the opportunities provided by in-house color printing with Dell.

So, tell us, how do you put color printing to use in your business? Please let us know in the comments below!

About the Author: Paul Nicholson