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When you have the reassurance that your IT infrastructure investments are protected, you can worry less about the critical workloads that keep your organization running. So far in our Direct2Dell series on optimizing your infrastructure for critical business workloads, we have been discussing how selecting the right technology provider can make the difference in organizations delivering superior outcomes. Today we will take that conversation one step further and explore the benefits of a total package – advanced technologies, coupled with guarantees, offers and assurances.

Our advice is to center your decision-making around the use cases, applications and databases that have a most direct impact on your organization’s strategic differentiation. By keeping focus on the performance and simplicity required by the workloads that drive the unique capabilities your business relies on for differentiation, you can optimize your infrastructure with each investment. But before you take your next step in infrastructure modernization, consider if the strategy you are following is future-proof.

As IT leaders have learned throughout their careers, eliminating unknowns increases the likelihood of positive outcomes down the road. The best way to sleep at night is to know that your investments are protected.

In addition to our full stack of IT solutions and the services offered by our experts, we know organizations turn to Dell Technologies because of our establishment as a leader in the industry. And we remain one of the most trusted technology providers around the globe because in addition to helping your IT staff enact modernization efforts, we ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

To bring you that further peace of mind, we have made a set of promises through our Future-Proof Program that guarantee our resilient storage, data protection, networking and hyperconverged products deliver value throughout their lifespan. The program is designed to help you optimize the IT lifecycle through a series of guarantees, offers, and assurances. Future-Proof provides support from beginning to end by guaranteeing outcomes, maximizing investments and helping you navigate the future of IT.

Future-Proof guarantees outcomes by going above and beyond expectations with guarantees that our world class technology capabilities will deliver as promised. Because we stand firmly behind our solutions, we hope you can plan to support your workloads confidently, assured that you will neither over- nor under-provision for your business needs.

Future-Proof maximizes your investments by ensuring that you can easily purchase, exchange, and upgrade IT solutions to seamlessly modernize technologies today and into the future. Future-Proof also helps you to navigate IT futures with technologies and features designed to flexibly operate on premises or in the cloud, today and in the future. By eliminating future cost uncertainties for acquired solutions, you will be able to better budget for new IT needs as your workloads demand.

Don’t forget that our advanced offerings across the infrastructure stack are available with flexible payment options through Dell Technologies On Demand, which includes value-added services with ProDeploy, ProSupport and Managed Services. These services can be bundled effortlessly and paired with all the financial consumption models and with the Future-Proof program.

Dell Technologies has the right technology and programs to provide your IT staff with the peace of mind that 2020 demands. And the Future-Proof program enables customers to focus on critical business needs while Dell Technologies handles the rest. By delivering the performance, scalability and resiliency you require across our powered-up portfolio of infrastructure, we help ensure your IT investments will successfully support the workloads that your business depends on to grow.

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