Latitude XFR D630: A Laptop for Harsh Environments

Today, customers in the United States who are in need of a rugged laptop can order the Latitude XFR D630. It builds on the Latitude ATG D620 by offering new laptop technology in a chassis that's more rugged than ever before. It meets the Department of Defense's rigid MIL-STD 810F specifications that are aimed at products that are used in extreme temperatures, moisture, altitudes, etc.

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In designing the product, Dell worked to bring performance and durability together. Compared to many other competitive products that use older technology, the XFR stands out in terms of overall performance. It also joins the Dell Precision M4300 mobile workstations as one of our first systems that support the new generation of solid state hard drives. For those customers that opt for a traditional hard drive, the XFR D630 features shock-isolated mounting to help protect the hard drive, LCD and core electronic components.

So what makes it a rugged laptop? A sealed keyboard protects it from driving rain and dust; port covers protect external ports from the elements. it also features a display with a brightness of 500 nits—which makes it suitable for outdoor viewing.

Also worth noting that we support integrated resistive touchscreen technology as an option for an extra $500 on the Latitude XFR D630. Brett McAnally from the commercial product notebook team takes you through some of the details of the system, explains the kinds of customers who we designed it for, and discusses what distinguishes this prouct from others in this field.

Pricing starts at $3,899. See for more info on this product.

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