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Dell is committed to expanding the presence and roles of female leaders driving global economic growth. We believe diversity is the driving force of our business, and we place great importance on empowering women to be current and future leaders. Diana Yang (Director of Enterprise Infrastructure for APJ & GC) took the stage at How to Lean-In in Your 20s, a female leadership workshop co-hosted by Dell Technologies and Lean-In College, and painted a picture of success for our future innovators and shared career advice that I, as a woman, wish I knew when I was 20.

She couldn’t have done it without long term planning.

Know yourself, set your goals, go all in

As early as 18 years old, Diana set a goal for herself, “I want to be a GM (general manager)”. She knew what needed to be done to bring her dreams to reality, “I must have cross-border, cross-departmental experience to achieve my goal.”

“ Imagine the worst scenario of the outcome; proceed if those scenarios are acceptable.”

In her 14 years with Dell, Diana has had an amazing journey. She has devised procurement and sales strategies, developed new product and market entry plans, and managed server and network business startups in Asia. Seven positions and two countries later, she now holds the role of Director of Enterprise Infrastructure of Greater China and APJ.

Throughout her career, Diana has worked towards her goals and never deviated from her track. As Dell’s workplace is becoming more multidirectional and flexible, there are multiple paths to career advancement. Diana’s advice for those just starting out: achieving your goals won’t be an overnight job, but making sure you plan effectively, create clear objectives, and go all-in.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door

In Diana’s talk, she explained personal development lies within learning through experience, formal training, and relationships. Sometimes, working hard and hoping to get noticed is not enough. We must work not just diligently, but also strategically. Actively seeking out mentors, networks and sponsors will help with creating opportunities pivotal for career advancement.

Using ‘natural’ feminine skills for career advancement is another approach. Studies suggest that, generally, women are inherently good at listening, planning, and multi-tasking – embrace that and use it to your advantage.

“Women of all levels should have the confidence to speak up, step up, and ask smart, challenging questions in the workplace” says Diana. “Do take risks. You have a 50% chance of failing if you try, 0% if you don’t.”

Opportunities for change starts with you

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About the Author: Jean Ming

Jean Ming serves as the lead for employment branding and social media for Greater China. She and her team focus on attracting the best talents to Dell and bring the Dell culture and vision to the world. Jean marries her background of branding, creative design and marketing seamlessly into her current role; and enjoys collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to bring ideas to fruition. Jean is also a part of the core team for WIA (Women in Action) Taiwan chapter. She lives in Taipei, Taiwan with her husband and enjoys hiking on the weekends.
Topics in this article