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Summer may or may not be here when it comes to the weather, but there’s no doubt it’s the season for family holidays and a slightly quieter working week – in theory at least. While maintaining focus at work is important, it is also good to take a break from time to time – one reason why we’ve devised an online Windows 8 Pro match game that won’t land you in trouble with the boss if you play it at work! Aside from the English language version above, we’ve also built the game in German, Spanish, French and Italian.

The game side of things is deceptively straightforward – turn over two Windows 8 tiles at a time and match the computers underneath them against the clock. No prizes for being the fastest in your office, but it’s all about the bragging rights – if you can beat 30 seconds, you’re not doing too badly!

There is a slightly serious reason for all of this, though. If you’re in the business of selling desktops, notebooks, convertible Ultrabook and tablets, then this game provides a great memory aid. All of the Dell computers under the tiles are optimised for Windows 8 – and getting a matched pair also gets you a quick rundown of the key features of one of these devices. For example, the Dell Latitude 6430u is a Windows 8 laptop so tough it has passed the US military’s MIL-STD 810G standard for rugged devices. 

All of the tiles hide touch-enabled PCs, in one form or another – from the Optiplex 9010 All-in-One Touch desktop PC right down to the sleek Latitude 10 tablet – which runs just the same Windows 8 Pro as its big brother. Let’s not forget the XPS 12 Convertible Ultrabook, which lets your customers run a thin and light notebook that doubles as a tablet.

For a run-down of the touch-enabled benefits of Windows 8, take a look at our interview with Microsoft OEM Division Corporate Vice President Nick Parker. However, our hardware benefits from far more than the great touch interface of Windows 8 Professional  – the XOS 27 All-in-one, XPS 8700 desktop and the Alienware X51 gaming desktop all make use of the amazing new Intel Haswell chip, which combines great performance with the flexibility to support form factors that will solve some of your customers’ most pressing problems.  Speaking of Haswell, the LatitudeE6540, OptiPlex 9020 and XE2 all cater to the security, management and reliability requirements of business users.

This summer’s not just about fresh hardware, either; Microsoft has announced Windows 8.1. The new version updates all kinds of functionality and even brings back the option of a Start menu for those that miss it, and updates Internet Explorer to version 11. The new version is a departure from the Service Pack model of old, by the way; 8.1 is the first example of Microsoft’s new rapid release cycles, which will bring new features to customers far more quickly than before.

So, that’s two fun things to brighten up the summer months – a game and a new operating system to try out. So much for the summer lull!

For more details on Dell and Windows 8 Pro, view the new Dell products available for your customers.

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Topics in this article