Managing the new era of mobile devices in the workplace

Mobile computing has added a new dimension to how employees work and how companies manage security. The growing use of cloud computing and mobile solutions has added new levels of risk, complexity and cost to securing your organization’s data and IT assets. Smartphones, tablet pcs, and laptops all present unique benefits and risks. As the workplace changes to the technological advances in the mobile workplace, businesses must balance the risk of employees using their personal devices to get work done versus the benefits of happy employees who are always connected. Find out more about Dell data security solutions.

What would employees give up to use their own device at work?

  • 20% would give up a vacation day
  • 75% would give up free food, coffee, and office supplies

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

  • 35% of workers buy their own smartphone to use at work

Challenges to IT departments

  • Securing data without limiting mobility
  • Establishing Mobile Infrastructure
  • Managing multiple devices

Biggest hurdle for businesses

  • Budget limitations                             

Most common risky behaviors with mobile devices

  • Lost phone
  • Company data stored unsecurely


About the Author: Alan McMahon