Meet the Small and Mighty OEM Client Portfolio

Our customers have been asking for smaller, more stable products that deliver the performance they require. We’ve listened and delivered: meet the Small and Mighty OEM client portfolio.

These innovative platforms deliver the small form factors needed for unique OEM environments. And in response to your needs, we have options that deliver stability and extended life, the industrialized and rugged durability to get work done beyond traditional IT boundaries, plus the performance required for mission critical operations.

Small equals powerful

All these products are tiny and capable of being tucked away into the tightest of spots, while still packing a mighty punch and delivering the compute needed to power innovative solutions. They can squeeze into places that competitive products are unable to match, but there’s absolutely no compromise on performance. In fact, our three latest smallest form factors deliver power you’d historically only get from a full tower. This gives you the flexibility to put the product anywhere, while still benefiting from great, high-end performance graphics and storage.

Growing demand

We’re continuing to see strong OEM customer demand for high performing compute in a myriad of places, where size truly matters. This trend applies across the board but is particularly prevalent in manufacturing, industrial automation, marine, healthcare, military and defense as well as video safety and security.

You might be asking, why a whole client portfolio? The answer is simple. For OEMs, we know it’s never a case of one size fits all. While these products are all tiny and powered by Intel processors, they come in different form factors and are designed for different use cases.

Potentially explosive and rugged environments

For example, some are extremely rugged and perform well in tough, hot and dusty environments. Take the Latitude 7220 EX Rugged Extreme Tablet. This tough little cookie comes with MIL-STD-810G and up to IP65 MIL-STD-461F plus ATEX certification, making it intrinsically safe for potentially explosive environments like oil refineries as well as chemical, nuclear and power plants.

Retail and digital signage

Our customers already love the OptiPlex 7080 XE Micro, which offers commercial grade compute in a small micro form factor, ideal for retail, manufacturing, digital signage, healthcare, cloud services or election solutions. This little beauty provides multiple monitor support, M.2 NVMe fast storage and importantly is now available as an OEM XE extended life and stable product.

Kiosks and tightest enclosures

A word of warning: don’t be fooled by the size of the OptiPlex 7070 Ultra. This is a great example of the best things coming in small parcels. This device comes ultra small but offers mighty flexibility and mounting. It’s great solution for high tech, kiosks or tight enclosures, say in a shopping mall or airport, where space is at a premium – along with other innovative uses that we know our OEM customers will amaze us with.

Video and security

On the workstation front, we’ve got you covered. Supporting up to eight displays, the Precision 3440 XE SFF workstation is ideal for entry level video safety and security environments. In addition to providing dense storage, high-end graphics and high reliability, this is also available as an OEM-XE extended life and stable product.

Computer vision

Finally, get ready to embrace the smallest of all our workstations, the new Precision 3240 Compact. A tiny compact form factor with graphics, this industrialized product is perfect for applications on the Edge, offering OEM industrialized attributes, like extended operating temperatures plus dust filter. Think challenging environments where high-end graphics are needed. For example, computer vision on the factory floor, where the Precision can be hooked up to a high frame rate camera to visually monitor product quality on the production line.

Stability and extended life

As mentioned above, the OptiPlex 7080 XE Micro and the Precision 3440 XE SFF are part of our new OEM XE stability, longevity and visibility offering that provides up to nine months of extended product transitions, CPU stability and six months in-advance visibility to key product changes for client products. This is an important factor in many industries, where any change in configuration could potentially mean the solution re-undergoing validation testing and certifications.

Looking ahead

On size, let me clarify that we’re not on a mission to get to the smallest product possible just for the sake of it. Our focus is rather on ensuring that we deliver the right balance of size and performance. And on that point, while we’re proud of the great performance we’re able to deliver today, we’re certainly not going to rest on our laurels. As our OEM Small and Mighty client portfolio comes accelerator-enabled, those high performance levels can be further increased with the integration of new, small but very powerful hardware accelerators.

We understand OEM needs and the unique industries you serve. You’ve been asking for smaller, client compute without compromising on performance. We’ve now responded with a full portfolio. So small, they’re hidden. Small is no longer just beautiful – it also packs a mighty punch and comes in a range of form factors. Because, we know no one size fits all.

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About the Author: Tracy Troyer

Tracy leads a global organization of talented professionals whose experience spans decades developing and supporting the most innovative end-to-end technology solutions in the world. Partnering with the OEM Solutions global salesforce, this cross-functional team of engineers, program managers, marketing, operations, and procurement united with a singular focus of empowering our customers to be successful. Tracy joined Dell in 1996; prior to his current role, he held multiple senior-level product development positions in software, mobile computing and CRM/database systems. Tracy’s 30+ years of experience in the high-tech industry highlight his ability to successfully navigate the technical and business worlds in a way that drives strategy and exceptional customer value. His passion to excel at work is only surpassed by his dedication to his wife, children, grandchildren, and life-long friendships. Tracy is a proud alumnus of the University of Colorado.