Achieve Consolidated Data Insights Faster with Dell and Teradata

Integrated solutions offer on-premises data analytics for data marts, archival and production-scale environments.

Harnessing the full power of your data assets can accelerate your business in profound ways by enabling deeper insights for enhanced decision making. But doing so can be complex and challenging.  Whether it’s data repatriation from public cloud deployments, data consolidation across multiple disparate assets, or exponential growth in data volume, enterprises struggle to contain costs and manage inefficiencies.

At Dell Technologies, we are bringing together an ecosystem of leading technologies in the data space that are helping transform the approach to data and analytics to work seamlessly alongside our infrastructure offerings. Coupled with Dell’s extensive network of value-added professional services and support, pre-validated solutions, and reference architectures, along with the expert knowledge of these partners, our joint offerings provide you with better control over how you extract insights from your data with the safety of best in breed governance and security from your trusted partner for essential infrastructure.

With this vision of delivering transformative outcomes for our customers, we are collaborating with Teradata, an industry leader in enterprise data management and analytics, and expanding it to unveil a new and exciting joint solution. Through this joint solution, we have worked together to deliver a seamless experience for Teradata Vantage Solutions powered by Dell Technologies.

“These solutions offer customers access to Teradata’s best-of-breed data and analytics software with Dell’s industry-leading enterprise infrastructure, enhancing agility, speed and performance,” said Hillary Ashton, Chief Product Officer at Teradata. “The integrated technology provides the control and security of on-prem to meet customers’ need for holistic, data-driven insights.”

Teradata Vantage Solutions Powered by Dell Technologies

Teradata Vantage is a modern data platform that unifies data lakes, data warehouses, analytics and new data sources and types. This means organizations ca access all their data from an integrated environment, reducing complexity while maintaining flexibility to support a wide range of deployment models based on their needs. These deployment options include multicloud, hybrid or on-premises for enhanced security and control.

“Vantage helps organizations use analytics to deliver proven value and superior business outcomes,” stated Ashton. “Vantage offers high impact results with cost-based query optimization, massive multiway joins, support for real-time data streaming, management of complex analytic pipelines directly within the database and more.”

Together, Teradata and Dell have developed three fully integrated and optimized solutions that bring together the market-leading Vantage data management and enterprise analytics software from Teradata and the award-winning compute, storage and networking infrastructure from Dell, with VMware providing the private cloud layer. These solutions, shown in Figure 1, address a wide range of data analytic use cases, from a quick start package to enterprise-scale solutions for analytic archives and enterprise data warehouses.

Figure 1: Teradata Vantage Solutions Powered by Dell Technologies

Teradata Vantage Quick Start is optimized for ease and speed of deployment, with fast and efficient processing to power development. Quick Start is designed to enable customers to start small and scale up to larger deployments, all within the consistent Vantage software environment. The Dell PowerEdge R740xd Server, which is designed to address application performance and acceleration, powers Quick Start.

Teradata Vantage Analytic Archive offers an active archive for querying and reporting use cases for historical data. Analytic Archive allows companies to store a large amount of data cost-effectively while still being able to use it for analytics. Analytic Archive is powered by the Dell PowerEdge R640 server together with Dell PowerSwitch and Dell Unity XT Storage that provides flexible hybrid flash and disk storage for high capacity and cost-effective archival applications.

Teradata Vantage Enterprise Data Warehouse is a purpose-built, highly available data and analytics solution for enterprise production-scale deployment with optimized performance and reliability. It unifies and consolidates silos of enterprise data from multiple sources, facilitating broad access in the organization while enabling advanced analytics for complex and mixed workloads with prioritization capabilities. Vantage Enterprise Data Warehouse is powered by the Dell PowerEdge R640 server together with Dell PowerSwitch, Dell PowerVault and ECS Object storage featuring capacity, performance and operational simplicity.

Driving Value for Your Business

Drive value for your organization with a broad range of outcomes, including product innovation, enhanced customer experience, financial transformation, operational excellence, asset optimization, risk mitigation and more. Whether you want to expand your existing capabilities or get started with your first project, Teradata Vantage Solutions powered by Dell Technologies address a variety of data analytic use cases with rapid time to value. We are excited for this new stage in our collaboration with Teradata and look forward to helping our joint customers achieve their business goals by harnessing the power of their data.

For more information on how Dell and Teradata can help take your organization to new heights, please check out our white paper, or contact the Dell Technologies Teradata Solutions team by email.

Greg Findlen

About the Author: Greg Findlen

Greg is Senior Vice President of Product Management of Data Management at Dell Technologies. He is focused on efforts in the data management space to build solutions to enable customers better unlock the value from the data they generate each day across their organization. Prior to this role, he spent years leading engineering teams focused on developing products that scale across Dell’s enterprise portfolio of products, such as APEX, CloudIQ and others. Greg has over 25 years of experience in the technology industry and joined the company in 2006. Since joining Dell he has held a variety of positions across the Infrastructure Solutions Group and has led key functions including development, data analytics, pricing, business operations, program management and strategy development. Greg also served as a leader of the Dell and EMC integration which drove all key aspects of the merger planning related to the products and engineering teams. Prior to his time at Dell, he worked in the semiconductor test industry and drove quality improvement efforts, supplier relationships, and engaged across development and operations roles.