Michael Dell is a Featured Luminary on Discovery Channel’s Curiosity Project

Back when Michael Dell founded this company in 1984, he knew there was a better way to get technology into the hands of customers. He started by listening to customers’ needs and building technology in the form of PCs to address those needs. Now, nearly 28 years later, that’s what we’re still focused on—helping customers solve complex problems, get value from, and do more with technology.

In those early days, it was our curiosity that differentiated Dell in the industry. We asked questions and gained insight and access to our customers. With that, it makes sense for our founder to participate in Discovery Channel’s Curiosity Project—a multimedia, multi-platform initiative that aims to address questions shared by people all over the world.

Those of you who follow Michael on Google+ may have already seen that today, he is a featured luminary on Curiosity.com, the digital part of the project. Michael shares his perspective on a variety of topics including technology, business, leadership and his own curiosity.

Here’s an example where Michael Dell talks about what inspires him:

If you’re interested in seeing more you can check out his Curiosity.com pages here, or just click on the image below:

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca