Millennials, Mavers and Mom, The Chief Technology Officer

Not from Lionel: Below is a guest post from Tina Wells, CEO of Buzz Marketing Group. You can read more about Tina here.

There is no denying that Moms are busy and cost-conscious. However the Mavers (Moms focused on saving) of the Millennial Generation are leading the way with technology purchases, owning 2-4 laptops in their households and investing in new laptops yearly. In the 2012 Dell/Buzz Marketing Group Moms + Technology Study, we surveyed 675 Moms across the nation, ages 35 to 54, and found that they hold the power of the purse and are willing to spend on the latest technology devices. It’s more than fair to dub this group as The Chief Technology Officers (CTO) of their homes.

Nearly 50 percent of our CTO survey participants listed functionality as the most significant factor when purchasing a new laptop. Interestingly, of those Moms, 49 percent own a Dell computer, compared to 39 percent who own an HP and Apple, rounding out the top three, at 22 percent. They invest in technology frequently as 73 percent have purchased a new computer within the last year and 65 percent of CTO’s plan to buy a new laptop within the next year.

With the arrival of the new Dell Inspiron family, our CTO’s will have plenty of devices to choose from. The Inspiron Z series centers on portability and convenience, while the Inspiron R series is perfect for everyday computing tasks. Regardless of their choice, the series itself provides excellent sound quality, Intel’s new 3rd Generation Core i processors (Ivy Bridge), Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium operating system, and will be eligible for the Microsoft Windows 8 upgrade program. Last but certainly not least, it provides an aesthetically pleasing quality with its thin, light and chic appearance.

When it comes to using their laptops, Moms are using technology to their advantage. We found that 95 percent of Moms own a Facebook account and 63 percent own a Twitter. This statistic, combined with the fact that 82 percent of moms log into their social network profiles on a daily basis, illustrates that Moms are connecting with each other and their preferred brands. For instance, 71 percent of Moms are using social media tools to engage with companies like Dell, which ranked as one of the top 10 brands to interact with.

The Chief Technology Officers are adept at utilizing various types of technological and online platforms in order to improve their lives and enhance their households. With the new Dell Inspirons, Moms are able and ready to continue managing their households and providing their families with the best technology available.


*BuzzMG’s findings are based on the 2012 Dell/Buzz Marketing Group Moms + Technology Study, which consists of 675 mothers from all across the United States. 

About the Author: Tina Wells