Mini 10 and Adamo Notebook CES 2009

For those of you keeping score at CES 2009, you’ve probably seen reaction in the blogosphere to a couple of new products that you can expect to hear more about soon: Adamo and the Mini 10. As far as Adamo, expect it later this year. Precision craftsmanship and design is the name of the game. For more on it, take a look at posts from Engadget—their live blog from today’s event and their hand-on article, Gizmodo, or Crave. Update: I just noticed that Brian Solis has posted some pretty slick Adamo pics in his blog post.

For the Mini 10, I can confirm some things that Gizmodo reported and a few more. For symmetry’s sake, here’s 10 things about the Mini 10:

  1. Edge-to-Edge 16:9 HD 720p display

  2. Edge to Edge keyboard

  3. Built-in TV Tuner

  4. Built-in Mobile Broadband

  5. Built-in GPS

  6. Built-in 802.11n

  7. Unique multi-touch & gesture touchpad

  8. Exclusive gestures: Home Screen, Auto-Scroll and My Favorites

  9. Intel Atom Z530 for performance and battery life

  10. Expanded color palette and popular Design Studio images

A second update:  Here’s a nice preview of the Mini 10 from Techmama Beth Blecherman. And one more update: Take a look at Rob Williams’ post over on the Dell IR blog, DellShares. That post features a YouTube interview with Ron Garriques, who is the President of Dell’s Global Consumer division. He briefly discusses the Mini 10 and the black and the white versions of the Adamo notebook. He also gives some insight into how Dell is looking to expand our global set of products to meet a variety of needs.

I’m glad to see some folks are pumped. That’s it for now. When I can share more details here I will.

Update: Below is a 20 minute audio-only clip of the January 9 session where Michael Tatelman and Alex Gruzen discussed these new products.

Also, I noticed several folks were upset that I included just the audio-only version. Inc. Magazine published a short video that includes the Adamo sneak peek.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca