Mobile Workstation Brute on Steroids

If you do engineering design, analysis or create digital content you need a brute of a workstation.  And with more of us going mobile, that brute needs to go with you in a laptop form.  We’ve offered the Dell Precision M6300 for some time now, but based on feedback from customers we just stepped performance up to a new level.  You asked for performance that is more like blunt force trauma than mere brute force.

The announcement today of the release of the refreshed Dell Precision M6300 mobile workstation takes performance to a whole new level through the addition of several “first ever” features.  It has all the functionality you would expect in a high-end, ultra-high performance notebook, but with some additions that we hope will rock your world.

It is the first mobile workstation in the universe to offer the 32GB and 64GB ultra performance solid state drives that Sarah blogged about, so you can get up to 35% faster read/write performance than traditional 5400RPM hard drives and 22% faster than 7200RPM hard drives.  It also uses the new Intel 45 nanometer Penryn processors and the Intel Extreme Edition Core 2 Duo X9000 (2.80GHz) 6MB L2 Cache.  We have doubled the dedicated graphics memory by incorporating the nVidia Quadro FX 3600M with 512MB dedicated graphics — the fastest mobile professional graphics card offered by nVidia.  It is also the first Dell notebook to offer 8GB total system memory 2 x 4GB DIMMs so you can work with even larger data sets.

So let’s review:  faster performance, monster hard drive, fastest nVidia graphics card, and huge memory.  We think this is more than a brute.  So if you carry your workstation around and need ultra-high-end performance, check this out.  And as always, we’re looking for your input and ideas to make the brute even…well “brutier.”  So comment below, on IdeaStorm, or on the Dell Community Forum, and reference the Precision M6300 Refresh.

About the Author: Antonio Julio